The Best Feng Shui Decluttering Rule

Annie B. Bond by Annie B. Bond | January 22nd, 2009 | 1 Comment
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istock_000000522666xsmallIn a time of too much stuff, how do we declutter our hearts and minds, not to mention our homes? Yet, unless we declutter we are at risk of missing many meaningful moments, occupied as we are with so much that doesn’t really matter.

The best rule of Feng Shui, in my opinion, is to keep only what you love.

It is interesting to think of only keeping what you love in regard to the heart and mind, but let’s start with physical reality.

What doesn’t matter that causes clutter? The clock with a deer collecting dust in the attic. The four pairs of shoes that don’t fit very well. The set of dishes you never liked but, because they were your grandmother’s, you feel obliged to keep. The coats you never wear anymore … .

The never-used items are easy to identify. It is harder to part with items that you don’t necessarily love but are attached to important memories.

My grown daughter loved Beanie Babies for a number of years, and we still have quite a collection. I can’t say that any of us love this array of stuffed ponies, parrots, bears and doggies, but it was hard to give them to Goodwill because they bring back fond memories. I finally came up with a good solution: On a recent trip to my sister’s, I packed 10 of them in my suitcase for her granddaughters. I learned that recycling items one is fond of through family and friends eases the separation anxiety — and I feel content that the items have a happy home.

Maybe as a result of starting a meditation practice a few years ago, I’m increasingly interested in decluttering my mind and heart as well as my house. How to declutter the mind? What can I let go of that doesn’t matter? Worrying about the mess if a friend drops by, being hard on myself because I am not very good at some things … I don’t love anything about being hard on myself. Time to let that trait go! And how to declutter the heart? By letting go of the grudges, the recrimination, the revenge … and to just keep the memories of love.


  1. letting go of junk. good advice.

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