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The Academy Falters, the Critics Fail, and the People Rule!

Posted By Stephen Simon On February 28, 2008 @ 6:34 pm In Inspirational Media | 3 Comments

As many of you know, I have blogged recently about the pathetic state of mainstream movies and film critics [1], most particularly the ugly, violent films that were praised by critics and also nominated for the 2007 Academy Awards.

Well, the Oscars were broadcast on February 24 and, lo and behold, the show received the lowest rating in the history of the Academy Awards!


People were so turned off by and uninterested in the dark, violent films that were nominated that the broadcast was viewed by a million fewer people than even the previously lowest rated show in 2003. No one cared about “No Country for Old Men,” “There Will Be Blood,” and all the other dark, nihilistic films that were nominated. (The adorable “Juno” being the only exception.)

The highest rated Oscar show ever was in 1998 when “Titanic,” a big, powerful, epic love story, dominated the nominations. Almost 56 million people viewed that broadcast, compared to a paltry 31 million people this year. That’s 25 million-person difference between the highest rated show ever to the lowest rated show ever.

Give us classic love stories and human dramas that uplift us, and we care. Give us doom and gloom, and we won’t watch. And that’s very, very good news. The studios can no longer deny how many people they have driven away with their drivel.

Maybe 2008 will be better, but movies take a long time in the pipeline; so maybe we won’t see much of a change in programming until 2009, if even then. But the truth is out there now. Hollywood, keep making your dark, ugly, violent films and we will all vote with our feet and remote controls, stay away, and turn you off.

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