The 3 E’s: Secret for Quick Total-Body Workouts

The FIRM Master Instructor Team by The FIRM Master Instructor Team | October 23rd, 2009 | No Comments
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By The FIRM Master Instructor Annie Lee

My philosophy is all about the 3 E’s: effective, efficient exercise. Here’s a quick how-to video of my personal total body workouts that focus on the 3 E’s.

The daily demands we all encounter can make it hard to maintain a set fitness routine or schedule. Sometimes, I do well if I can just fit in a workout — much less focusing on one muscle group on different days of the week. If I anticipate a busy workweek, I try to incorporate the 3 E’s into my weekly regimen.

I put these workouts together in a way that utilizes the concept of PHA, peripheral heart action training (a training method that we use in planning many of our FIRM workouts). PHA is alternately working your upper body and then lower body. For example, complete an overhead shoulder press and then move straight to a walking lunge with no rest. This training method is efficient and effective at burning calories because you encourage your heart to pump blood to your shoulders for a shoulder press and then “re-route” that blood flow to your legs to complete walking lunges. It’s pretty tough not only doing the strength training but also an aerobic workout.

I created a complete routine using nine of my favorite exercises. It works just about every muscle in your body, all in one shot. I suggest that you complete one set of each exercise in order with little to no rest in between each exercise. Once you have completed one set, or circuit, of the exercises, take a rest break to get water and a breather, for two to five minutes, depending on your fitness level. Your goal is to complete three circuits. For beginners, I suggest you try just one circuit. When you feel more comfortable, add another one. For each exercise, complete 12-15 repetitions.

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