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Music to Enhance Your Workout: Tips for the Perfect Playlist

Tamara Grand by Tamara Grand | January 14th, 2013 | 5 Comments
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Regular exercisers know that music can make or break a workout. Listening to the right playlist during exercise can motivate you to work longer and at a higher intensity. It can make the workout seem easier and leave you feeling great afterwards. It can reduce perceptions of fatigue and improve performance. Choose the wrong playlist or forget to charge your MP3 player? You might as well go home now!

What to consider when choosing music that enhances an exercise experience?

While we all recognize the ‘right’ music when we hear it, choosing an hour’s worth of workout-friendly selections isn’t as easy as it sounds. Is fast better than slow? Strong rhythms preferential to weak? Are lyrics important? What about musical genre? And how about bass?