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Green Beer: Not Just for St. Patrick’s Day

Ginny Figlar Colón by Ginny Figlar Colón | March 10th, 2014 | 4 Comments
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When I told my husband I picked up some green beer, he assumed I meant a brew reserved for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (which is strange since I usually don’t even wear green that day).

No, I bought the other kind of green beer: eco-beer — extra refreshing whether it’s March 17 or any other day. I don’t remember ever seeing ecological beer in the States, so I was intrigued when I saw the label while living in Sweden last year.

Green TV

E.B. Boyd by E.B. Boyd | April 22nd, 2009 | No Comments
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You’ve been doing your part to go green — clearing your clutter, switching out your bath products, and figuring out how to recycle everything. Now it’s your turn to take a break and watch what other people are doing to go green. Here are a few shows worth tuning into:

National Geographic’s “Garbage Moguls”