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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: Why You Don’t Want to Be the Skinniest Fat Person Around

The FIRM Master Instructor Team by The FIRM Master Instructor Team | November 7th, 2011 | 8 Comments
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Woman struggling with her weightby The FIRM Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels

I said in a past blog that I prefer to be a lean 145 pounds versus a plain ol’ 145 pounds. A lean 145 just looks better … tighter, smaller, stronger, FIRMer, and, well … leaner! I would take that one step further and say that most of us would also feel better if we were leaner instead of just smaller!

When your goal is “weight loss,” you want to lower the actual amount that you weigh; in other words, you want to see the number on the scale go down. A goal of “fat loss” involves the desire to lower your body fat — the actual amount of visible and invisible fat you carry on and inside your body. People who want to lose weight probably need to lose body fat as well, so I say why not just go for a “two for one” and make fat loss your goal and get some weight loss as an added benefit?

Change Your Numbers!

The FIRM Master Instructor Team by The FIRM Master Instructor Team | January 6th, 2011 | No Comments
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Person standing on a scaleAre you the type of person who has to see numbers change in order to feel like you are making progress on your fitness path?

Do any of these ring a bell?

Size Doesn’t Always Matter: How to Measure Whether Your Body is Healthy

The FIRM Master Instructor Team by The FIRM Master Instructor Team | October 1st, 2009 | 1 Comment
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By The FIRM Master Instructor Kirsten Palmer

Have you heard the awful rumor that clothing manufacturers use “vanity sizing”?  It turns out it’s true. They’ve adjusted their sizes to fit our expanding waistlines. What that means for you is that, without changing your weight or measurements at all, you might suddenly fit into a size 8 when you never could before. Or, you could have gained five or so pounds, but not notice it (or want to notice it) because you can still buy the same size clothes.