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Sweet Little Lies

Posted By Bethany Orheim On October 27, 2011 @ 3:26 pm In Personal Growth, Yoga | No Comments

White Lies [1]

When is the last time you told a lie? Nothing major, just a little white lie? If you’re anything like me, you lied yesterday about why you were late, or you stretched the truth about the extent to which you read a book, or perhaps you weren’t honest about what you did or didn’t eat [2]. You are not alone. We all do this EVERY DAY.

I’ve spent the past five years in a deep self-inquiry and this is one of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made. It sounds simple but at the most subtle level I’ve started to notice the vibrational quality of these lies when they enter my mind and leave my mouth. It feels much different than when I am moving from a place of love [3]. There is a complete lack of integrity and I find myself out of alignment with my sankalpa [4], my deepest intention, which is to speak my truth.

I invite you to become acutely aware of the lies you tell and to whom you are lying. Do you lack trust in your partner [5]? Could that level of distrust be rooted in the idea that he is lying to you, just as you are lying to him? Dive deep and notice — without judging yourself. My guess is that you’ll be shocked at how many of these sweet little lies leave your mouth each day.

Initiate this conversation in your journal:

  • Make a list: What lies are you telling?
  • To whom are you lying? Your husband? Best friends? Parents? Your children?
  • What is the vibration/feeling in your body when you lie?

When we begin to realign ourselves by speaking our truth [6] and coming from an authentic place, there are no more lies to tell. There is no hiding, no lying, ONLY TRUTH. This is yoga [7] — speaking and living the true essence of who you are [8] at the deepest level of your core.

** Thank you Elena Brower [9], for inspiring this practice – on and off my mat.

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