Staying Healthy After Breast Cancer, After-School Yoga & More

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Healthy Living Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors

You’ve had breast cancer, you’ve been treated for it, and now it’s time to get on with your life. But your life has changed, and you have to adjust to your new situation on a number of levels. Here are some tips to ensure to stay conscious of your well-being. (DivineCaroline)

Dot your i’s and Cross Your Knees

Stretching before tests? Breathing exercises after recess? For happy evidence of yoga’s increasing mainstream influence, consider that yogic techniques are beginning to pop up in after-school programs, gym classes and K-12 classrooms around the country. (Conscious Choice)

Me & My Fake Breast

Lynn Prowitt-Smith, a breast cancer survivor and author of  “My Daughter Has Breast Cancer,” writes frankly about her experiences — both good and bad — with having a prosthetic breast. (Intent)

Tracing the Carbon In Your Beer, Jacket, Shoes, and Soap

Here’s a pop quiz, based on a recent Wall Street Journal article on the carbon footprint of various household goods. For each of the following products, guess their single biggest contribution to global warming. Consider all aspects of the product: raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and end use. (WorldChanging)

Finding real food on the road — all the way across America

“My husband and I recently finished a summer-long adventure in which we toured the northern half of the U.S. We covered more than 9,000 miles across 31 states, and managed to shop in a conventional grocery store only a few times, sampling many of the country’s food co-ops and getting a good feel for what makes an outstanding co-op experience and kills any joy I may have had about grocery shopping.” (Ethicurean)


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