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Start Your Yoga Practice with 3 Building Blocks

Posted By Rodney Yee On January 19, 2010 @ 2:50 pm In Yoga | 15 Comments

The first exposure to yoga is crucial. Most of us identify and define subjects so quickly — we build an entire framework for our understanding of a subject sometimes within our first couple of encounters.

Constantly observing, playing, evaluating and contemplating the building blocks of yoga [1] forms a foundation for your exploration of yoga. These are three of the most important things to be aware of and practice when starting yoga, and they lead one into the other:

  1. Read, ask and learn about what’s behind the poses. Learning about yoga philosophy paves the way for ideal alignment in the poses and deepens benefits you’ll reap from practicing yoga.
  2. Strive for ideal alignment when learning and practicing yoga poses [2]. The sacred geometry within the poses leads to maximum mind-body benefit and ease of breath.
  3. Just breathe. Ease of breath [3] is the doorstep to meditation [4], which brings steadiness of mind.

Steering a student in the beginning of this inquiry is paramount. Experienced teachers who comprehend the enormity of the subject of yoga can plant seeds of technique, philosophy, questions and ideas that will carry the student to a lifelong dialog with the mind, body, breath and spirit.

Colleen [5] and I teach some of these essential building blocks in our new program called Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners [6]. Please enjoy and learn from the Sun Salutations how-to clip above, taken from this new DVD. It’s a taste of the guidance we can share to help build a strong foundation for your home yoga practice [7].

Welcome to the yoga journey.



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