Start Losing Weight Even if You’re Out of Shape: 3 Yoga Poses + Helper Props

Kate Hanley by Kate Hanley | January 27th, 2009 | 2 Comments
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Warrior II Pose with chair as a supportive propWhen it comes to weight loss, we all want a quick fix. That’s the instinct that causes so many people to try fad diets or overexert themselves on their first trip to the gym in many moons. My dad (bless his heart) periodically loses a bunch of weight by eating only one meal a day. He gains it all back as soon as resumes eating normally, of course, but I can’t fault him for the desire to want to see changes as quickly as possible. Part of me would love to blast the jelly belly I developed after giving birth last year.

But there is another way. You don’t have to radically restrict your food intake or work out every day until you’re red-faced and spent. You can achieve sustainable weight loss by making small but powerful changes. The three yoga poses below from the Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Weight Loss DVD can help you re-establish a relationship with your body. They won’t make you sweat or cause your heart rate to spike. But, practiced regularly (at least three times a week) over time, they will …

Unsteady or out of shape? You can do all three of these yoga poses with supportive props to help with balance and stability — or just a little reassurance when you’re first getting started.

1. Seated Backbend

Opens your chest, deepens your breathing, reduces stress, and create lots of space for your digestive organs. Use a chair to help support your back and core muscles, especially if you’re balance-challenged, have back trouble, haven’t focused much on strengthening your core, or feel uncomfortable bending backward.

2. Warrior II

Builds strength in the legs, core, and arms; puts you in touch with your own inner strength; and promotes focus. Use a chair for a little help with balance, or as a safety net until you develop more strength and core stability.

3. Bridge Pose

Improves strength along the entire back of your body as it creates space in the front of the body. Gently massages the thyroid gland, located at the base of your throat, promoting healthy function of this hormone factory which is greatly responsible for metabolism and energy. If your core strength is limited or you have any other concerns about doing this move comfortably and safely, use a yoga block to decrease the distance you have to lift the torso.

Are you shaking your head no, thinking it’s too good to be true? Or are you shaking your head yes, because you’ve experienced a similar effect in your own life? Post a comment below … I’d love to hear your reactions.


  1. Thanks Kate,

    I really enjoyed this article – life time solutions to being healthy.


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  2. Well, nice and very informative post. Thanks for giving for sharing. Yoga helps strengthen the muscles of all body parts. This will help any athlete who wants to do better in any sport, because most athletes are always looking to improve.

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