Start Celebrating Earth Day’s 40th … Right Now!

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Raindrop Earth

Happy Earth Day 2010!  This April will mark four decades of organized environmental awareness.  And, given the current economic, environmental and energy crises, it’s clear that Earth Day is no longer a “holiday” reserved for hippies.  We all have stake in planet Earth.  Accordingly, significant action must continue in order to sustain our planet and the people she supports.

On April 22nd, folks all over the nation will come out in droves to pay tribute to our planet.  Communities and college campuses will host eco-events, celebrations and demonstrations.  Artists will display sculptures made from recycled materials, musicians will perform songs that address sustainability and young children will participate in Earth education activities.

And there’s more: multi-national corporations will sponsor events and donate large sums of money to environmental causes.  The day may inspire a community to begin a recycling or a composting  program.  An increased awareness of species loss may prompt the eventual removal of a threatened animal or plant from the endangered species list.

What eco-action will you take on Earth Day’s 40th?  Better yet, what eco-action will you take today?

Earth Day is still almost three months out…

But, why wait to get involved with a environmentally-minded community organization?

Why delay incorporating composting into your daily routine?

Why put off investing money into your local economy rather than continuing to support big business?

Why wait to get outside, to hike down to the beach or up into the mountains for a refresher on just how beautiful our planet is and why she is worth protecting?

Why wait, really?

Over these next 12 weeks leading up to Earth Day 2010, look out for a weekly eco-blog post.  Each post will address action that can be taken by each of us daily, monthly and yearly to lighten our carbon load, encourage sustainable development, work toward zero-waste, demand fair wages and working conditions for laborers in developing countries, and promote environmental education.


Speak your mind and make the first comment now!


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