Something to Be Grateful for in Everything

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | November 23rd, 2012 | No Comments
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This has been an amazing month. There have been incredible gifts that have poured into me in surprising and glorious ways. There have also been challenges, upheavals and upsetting experiences. As I moved into meditation and contemplation on my experiences I had the thought, “There is a gift in everything.”

Now, that was not surprising, since I believe that everything that happens has a purpose. However, when thoughts come in like that, I pay attention. What I discovered is that I have been allowing little thoughts of concern to creep into my consciousness. I have a strong spiritual practice, but still I noticed that parts of my body felt constricted. That is always a powerful sign to pause.

Activating gratitude

The discovery is that I have had so much attention on things that I am to do, I wasn’t focusing on “being.” That is a sure-fire way for me to get depleted. I took immediate action and canceled some things on my calendar and put attention on resting and activating gratitude. I began giving thanks for everything in my life. I gave thanks for the little things first and then called in the areas of my life that felt challenging. Then, I began to say the following affirmation:

“I give thanks for everything in my life. I KNOW that each person, experience and event is supporting my highest good.”

Every time I said it, I could breathe a little easier, and the level of concern began to diminish.

Are you, in any way, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, distracted, worried or disengaged? If you are, this might be the perfect time to pause and take some time to be still. Activate a willingness within you to look at each area of your life through the lens of gratitude and thanksgiving. Peace is a byproduct of willingness. It is a willingness to be still, to slow down and to open to listening, at a deep level, to our intuitive knowing.

I do not believe that we can create shift in our lives by doing more and listening less. The physical world can be so inviting and so intoxicating. It can move us into states of distraction that are non-supportive and even self-destructive. If we take the time to consciously slow down, give thanks and ask for guidance, new ways of being come into focus.

I want to give thanks for you this day and remind you that the universe is conspiring for you in every moment. Join me as we look for and find the beauty in everything and radiate gratitude to our world.

Please affirm with me: Today, I give thanks for everything in my life. I KNOW that each person, experience and event is supporting my highest good. I look for and see the beauty and grace in all.


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