Slideshow: Wild Madagascar Adventure!

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Adventure specialists Rick Guthke and Greg Courter at Gaiam’s Natural Habitat Adventures embarked late this year on our Wild Madagascar Adventure! We thought you’d enjoy their amazing slideshow.

Wild Madagascar Adventure slideshow by Gaiam's Natural Habitat Adventures

Wild Madagascar Adventure slideshow by Gaiam's Natural Habitat Adventures

The world’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar is rivaled by few places on earth in terms of sheer biological diversity and importance. About 92 percent of Madagascar’s reptiles, 68 percent of its plant life and 98 percent of its land mammals, including lemurs, exist naturally nowhere else in the world!

Madagascar’s 144 million acres are some of the most unique, diverse and stunning on our planet — lush lowland rain forests and mountains along the eastern coast, dry forests in the west, volcanic mountains in the north and the Spiny Desert to the south.

Check out Rick and Greg’s Madagascar slideshow and see how Rick and Greg immersed themselves in the wildest and most pristine areas of Madagascar, the “Great Red Island.” They also witnessed firsthand the heroic efforts being made to conserve its astounding biodiversity and save its forests and endangered species.

Inspiring, huh? Visit to learn more and consider a trip in 2009. Note that only three Madagascar departures are scheduled in 2009 (and our team at Natural Habitat says they sell out quickly!).

Trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Natural Habitat Adventures is the world’s first 100 percent carbon-neutral travel company and the official World Wildlife Fund Conservation Travel Provider. We offset all carbon emissions resulting from our trip-related and office activities by funding renewable energy projects around the world, and we’ve begun providing biodiesel transportation for travelers and cooking staff. Learn more about our diligent work to leave no footprint behind.


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