SLI Adds More Green Jobs Training, Fuels Solar Growth

John Schaeffer by John Schaeffer | January 28th, 2008 | 1 Comment
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The Solar Living Institute just published its amazing new class schedule. This nonprofit is doing more to promote solar energy than any other organization I know of — especially with its recent focus on green careers and green workforce development.

The green jobs sea change applies to folks from all walks of life, from freshly-out-of-school graduates to career changers to disadvantaged urban youth looking for purposeful and meaningful work. The solar industry is predicted to grow by 300 percent in the next two decades, from .1 percent of total electricity production today to 30 percent by 2030. Someone has got to train the workforce to sustain that growth, and SLI seems to be picking up the gauntlet.

Originally an educational spin-off of Real Goods back in the mid-1990s, SLI has since functioned wholly on its own through donations and SLI programs, with management of SLI being passed on to a younger and very passionate new generation.

Check out the full SLI workshop schedule — and for a sneak preview, consider dozens of classes in solar panels (photovoltaics) from basics to full week-long Solar Bootcamps or how to open a Solar Retail Store. If alternative fuels are your passion, consider “Find Your Dream Job in Biodiesel” or “Alcohol Can be a Gas.” If natural building strikes your fancy, try “Natural Building Weeklong Intensive” or the “Women’s Carpentry Skills Primer.” And if you’re agriculturally inclined, try their Permaculture or Biodynamic Farming workshops.

I encourage all of you to check out this very worthwhile solar nonprofit!

For the Earth,

John Schaeffer


  1. Glad to see that growth in the solar sector is extending to the (future) job market. Time will tell if renewable energy firms can save American manufacturing from a long, slow decline. Thanks for the informative post!

    Adam | February 18th, 2009 | Comment Permalink

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