Should We Abandon Hope?

Laura Hobbs by Laura Hobbs | April 27th, 2012 | No Comments
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Abandon Hope

Hope: We hear it all the time. Heck, we say it all the time: “I hope I get the job!” or “I hope I make the cut!” or “I hope things work out!” The word “hope” adorns T-shirts, jewelry and bumper stickers everywhere. Our president even based an entire campaign on the notion.

So, hopingis that all we’ve got?

What’s the message that hope really conveys? According to Danielle LaPorte over at White Hot Truth, hope’s message is a rather lazy one, to be frank. Hoping doesn’t really get us anywhere; it’s a passive activity. It doesn’t take action. It doesn’t make progress. It just kind of sits back and … hopes.

Take a minute to think about it. Webster’s defines hope as “1. To wish for something with expectation. 2. A desire accompanied by confident expectation.” Okay, so hope is basically wishing mixed with expectation, minus any action. Wishing, expectation and no action? Sounds like a one-way ticket to Disappointmentville!

What would life be like if we banned the word hope from our vocabulary? How would our message change? Let’s take Danielle’s example here:

• “I hope I get the job.” BZZZT! Reframe it.
• “I really want to get the job.” (“Point taken,” says the Universe.)
• “I’m praying to get that job.” (All right, prayer is an action, too.)
• “I’ve done all that I can do to get the job.” (Yes! Stand tall.)
• “I will either get the job, or I won’t.” (Precisely. Now you can get on with your day.)
• “I expect to end up with a job that I love.” (Excellent! Open-ended and affirmative!)

Don’t get me wrong. Hope is great. It’s a support system for millions and billions worldwide. But without action, without intention, basing our future solely on hope is to say that nothing is within our control. It’s only when you add resolve and action to hope that things begin to happen. You face facts. You gain perspective. You see solutions and you go for them.

So keep hoping, y’all. Just don’t stop there!

(Thanks for the inspiration, Danielle.)

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