September: Journeys of Love

Spiritual Cinema Circle by Spiritual Cinema Circle | August 19th, 2013 | No Comments
topic: Inspirational Media, Personal Growth, Relationships

Spiritual Cinema Circle’s September films focus on the journeys we take to find love.

The Last New Yorker, starring veteran actor Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior in The Sopranos), asks the question: “Is it ever too late to find happiness?” This feature is a great exploration of a man looking at his life all over again.

Beautiful is an inspiring short film about a young disabled couple. In A First Date, two people meet through an online dating site and then learn to appreciate one another face-to-face. Rhinos is a short drama about two people bridging a communication gap — and seeing the potential of the future.

Every month, Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD club brings you uplifting, meaningful films and delivers them to your door.


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