Sensual Scents: Romance Is in the Air

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Natural scents offer wonderful possibilities for creating atmosphere, and what better time to use them than for a romantic dinner or evening? People of all cultures have relied on essential oils and aromatic plants and spices not only to perfume themselves and their homes, but also for aromatherapy. Some scents are particularly evocative of romance.’

Romantic or Sensual Essential Oils

Amber – sensual and warming
Basil – sweet, summery, loving
Clove – spicy, warming (caution: this oil may produce a burning sensation on the skin)
Jasmine – sensual, exotic
Musk – sensual and earthy
Patchouli – exotic, earthy
Rose – romantic, sensual
Sandalwood – warm, smoky
Vanilla – sensual
Ylang-ylang – sensual

Simple System for Using Essential Oils

Household Warm Spots
Warmth releases fragrance, so think of the places in your home that generate heat as potential scent-makers; they will make perfect places to diffuse scent. In most cases, just a drop is sufficient.

  • hot baths
  • light bulbs (place a drop on a cold light bulb to avoid risk of breaking the bulb, then turn it on)
  • radiators
  • television sets
  • refrigerators
  • wood stoves
  • computer terminals
  • sunny windowsills

To use these warm spots as an essential oil diffuser, place just a drop of pure essential oil on the surface that will warm up. For example, try the top back of your television, or feel around on the top of your refrigerator for the hottest place.


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