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Safe Ways to Donate to Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief

Posted By Gaiam Staff On January 14, 2010 @ 4:39 pm In Gaiam Happenings | 1 Comment

Boys Digging In Collapsed Building in Haiti

As you will have already heard and seen across the news, a cataclysmic earthquake measuring 7.0 magnitude caused absolute devastation in Haiti [1] on January 12, 2010.

Aerial view of Haiti earthquake disaster

Thousands of people still remain trapped under rubble and international aid workers are scrambling to provide medical care, food and water to tens of thousands of surviviors.

Earthquake survivor in Haiti

If you want to safely make a donation we have provided a list of reliable organizations below. Unfortunately, some see times of tragedy as an opportunity to take advantage of donors, and there are many scams out there already. Creating this list of sources is an effort to make sure your donation is not going into someone’s personal bank account!

AmeriCares [2]

American Red Cross [3]

CARE [4]

Doctors Without Borders [5]

Hope For Haiti [6]

International Rescue Committee [7]

Oxfam [8]

MercyCorps [9]

Partners In Health [10]

Save The Children [11]

Unicef [12]

Gaiam is dedicated to contributing to disaster relief efforts in Haiti and will be collecting funds from any employee that wishes to make a donation. All funds collected from Gaiam employees will be matched by the company.

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