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‘Sacred Travel’: Re-create Yourself at Spiritual Hotspots

Posted By Tabby Biddle On December 3, 2008 @ 11:43 am In Personal Growth, Yoga | 6 Comments

Love to travel but no longer content with South Beach or Vail? There is another option available. A number of years ago, I wanted a trip that was based on personal growth [1] and discovery. Today this is called “sacred travel.” (Back then it was about taking my savings and heading out with a backpack.)

I first went to Nepal [2] and trekked in the Himalayas. It was there that I encountered yoga in a spiritual form [3] and began the study and practice of it.

I then went to Thailand to learn about Buddhism [4] and sat for two 10-day silent meditation retreats. It was there that I began to see my mind in a way that I never had before. I traveled around Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia learning to live in the moment and listen closely to my intuition [5]. So taken by yoga [6] and Buddhism, the following year I went to India to study more yoga and begin the study of Tibetan Buddhism.

Today sacred travel is a growing niche of the travel market. It is a kind of travel that is not just recreational, but “re-creational,” where the focus is on personal growth and sacred experiences [7]. It involves visiting “spiritual hotspots” where the traveler is able to tap into ancient cultures and philosophies through meditation [8], ritual, prayer and ceremony. In many cases, the traveler finds they are changed forever — in a good way.

  • Karen Tate [9], author, lecturer and sacred tour director, leads trips specifically to sacred sites of the Goddess [10]. These are sites around the world where the Goddess was prominent in the past and in many cases is
    prominent today.
  • Shiva Rea [11], internationally renowned yoga teacher and retreat leader, leads what she calls “pilgrimages” [12] to places such as Bali, India, and Greece where “awakening shakti” is the intention [13].
  • Lisa Black [14], another renowned yoga [15] teacher and a very dear friend of mine, leads an annual winter retreat [16] in Mexico at Maya Tulum where the intention is to experience a “deeper sense of total health and well-being and leave you more open, energized and inspired for life!”

If you are thinking of a special trip for the new year, what are you looking for? How will you renew yourself and inspire yourself for 2009? Will you take a trip of transformation?

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