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Reward Your Resolution

Posted By Girlfriend@Gaiam On December 25, 2013 @ 4:43 pm In Girlfriend@Gaiam, Personal Growth | 3 Comments

Reward Your Resolution [1]

We’re almost midway through the first month of the new year, and if you’re like the majority of resolution makers [2], you’re likely already starting to falter. According to a recent New York Times article [3], “By the end of January, a third will have broken their resolutions, and by July more than half will have lapsed.”

That’s why now is a great time to recommit to those oh-so-noble goals [4]. Two ways to do that? Checking in with your resolutions often and rewarding yourself for your progress. Sure, losing weight, saving money and getting more sleep are their own rewards, but a little extra motivation never hurt, right?

This year, I’m using DailyFeats [5] to help keep my resolutions on track. DailyFeats is a website where you can “check in” your healthy and positive actions — working out, going to bed early, even doing your dishes — to earn points for rewards such as Gaiam.com gift cards and other premium rewards [6], local coupons [7] and more. You can also donate your rewards to charitable organizations [8] such as the American Cancer Society and P2V, a group that connects veterans and shelter animals.

With hundreds of feats [9] and feat challenges [10] listed on the website, there’s sure to be one (or more!) that matches up with your New Year’s resolution. For instance, my resolutions for 2012 are to get out of debt and to be more punctual (a welcome change for my friends, family, coworkers, hairstylist, etc.). Here’s how DailyFeats can help me get there:

Resolution: Get out of debt

DailyFeats Extra Debt Payment [11]DailyFeats:

!autodebtpayment [12] (set up automatic credit card and loan payments)

!thinkb4buying [13] (resist impulse purchases [14])

!lowerinterestrate [15] (transfer my balance to a card with a lower interest rate)

!extrapayment [16] (make extra payments when I have the money to spare)

Resolution: Be more punctual

DailyFeats Be On Time [17]DailyFeats:

!beontime [18] (pretty self-explanatory)

!earlytorise [19] (get up early instead of sleeping in and having to rush)

!doitnow [20] (tackle important tasks right away)

!declutter [21] (never again be late because I can’t find my keys [22]!)

Get the picture? And if your resolutions have anything to do with living a healthier, greener or kinder life, Gaiam’s branded feats and challenges [5] can help:

Resolution: Go green

DailyFeats Choose Organic [23]DailyFeats:

Gaiam’s !compost [24] (turn your kitchen scraps and yard clippings into compost [25])

Gaiam’s !chooseorganic [26] (choose organic foods [27], personal products [28], clothing [29], etc.)

!locallygrown [30] (eat locally grown food [31])

!walking [32] (walk to your destination instead of driving)

Resolution: Get fit

DailyFeats Yoga [33]DailyFeats:

Gaiam’s !yoga [34] (practice yoga [35] for strength and flexibility)

Gaiam’s !pilates [36] (lose weight and tone your core with Pilates [37])

!takethestairs [38] (skip the elevator)

!homeworkout [39] (work out at home [40])

Resolution: Give back to my community

DailyFeats Volunteer [41]DailyFeats:

Gaiam’s Make a Difference Challenge [5]: !volunteer [42], !bekind [43] & Gaiam’s !gratitude [44]

!donatefood [45] (donate food to a local shelter or food bank)

!goodneighbor [46] (foster community and serve others)

Hopefully you’re a little more inspired now to stick to those resolutions. And don’t forget — the more feats you do, the faster you’ll reach your goals and reap the rewards!

holiday yoga

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