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Reviewers Recommend Gaiam’s Best Yoga Gear

Posted By Gaiam Staff On April 1, 2011 @ 11:46 am In Fitness, Yoga | No Comments

Gaiam Yoga Products [1]

Customers know that Gaiam [2] is the place to go for the best yoga mats [3], DVDs [4], clothes [5], and other yoga gear [6], according to our many glowing user reviews. Based on these reviews and satisfaction rates, we’ve selected the best yoga products [7] from the Gaiam catalog. Here are the seven most loved, most purchased, most reviewed and most awesome items Gaiam has to offer.

Yoga Sandals [8]1. Yoga Flip Flops [9] – $32
Flexible and comfortable, the Yoga Flip Flops will feel like they were made for your feet. Each elastic toe separator stretches and flexes as you walk, improving your alignment, increasing stability and ensuring better balance. Whether you wear the sandals during your yoga workout [10] or simply walking hither and yon, you won’t want to take them off.

This bestseller has received 31 reviews, including this one written in November 2010: “These sandals draw lots of attention, yet that is not the only reason to purchase them. I bought two pair at the beginning of the summer and have worn them everywhere. They take a bit of time to get used to, but after you become accustomed to them, you’ll not want to go back to any other kind of shoe (get toe socks to go with them to extend the wearing season). I love these sandals!”

Yoga Socks [11]2. No-Slip Yoga Socks [11] – $15.98 for two pair
Enjoy the toe-wiggling freedom of going barefoot and the slip-free security of the best yoga mats. Specifically created for your yoga and Pilates experience [12], these socks also reduce your exposure to foot fungus.

This Gaiam bestseller has received 46 reviews, including one from a customer who said, “Stability is critical to my practice of yoga as I have a severe back injury. These socks keep my feet firmly in place without fear of slipping and are very comfortable.”

Yoga Towel [13]3. Thirsty Yoga Towel [13] – $11.98 to $24.98
Designed for Ashtanga, vinyasa and hot yoga, this super-absorbent, microfiber mat towel fits on top of a standard yoga mat, wicking away moisture and drying in half the time of a cotton towel.

This bestseller has received 41 glowing reviews, including this one from a happy customer in Jacksonville, Florida: “This yoga towel is the perfect size and weight for hot/warm yoga classes. Much better than my attempts at using a beach towel!” A customer in Los Angeles writes: “I’ve been using my Thirsty Yoga Towel for two weeks now and I LOVE it! I can use it as a blanket during meditation and as a towel during sweaty Bikram sessions. My mat is on the thin side so sometimes I lay my Thirsty Towel on top for added cushion — it even sticks to the mat! It dries quickly and has become an all-purpose wonder tool for my yoga practice.”

Gym Bag [14]4. Everything Fits Gym Bag [14] – $60
It’s eco-chic, it’s beyond roomy and it has a place for everything. The Everything Fits Gym Bag is a great yoga gear deal for those who like to stay organized on the way to class [15]. Features include a roomy interior zippered pocket; an elastic pocket with key tether; a vented outside compartment for shoes [8], wet towels [16] or clothes [5]; holsters for your water bottle [17], cell phone and MP3 player; and adjustable straps on the bottom to hold your yoga mat [3]. The bag measures 18 inches by 8-1/2 inches by 13 inches and is available in black or green.

Overall, reviewers gave the gym bag 4.7 out of 5 stars! One of the 55 reviewers wrote: “This bag is made very well and there is a lot of room for many of your gym items besides yoga. I also do Zumba and I am able to carry everything I need in this one bag. It is so worth the money. Thank you so much for making a wonderful bag.”

Sticky Yoga Mat [18]5. Premium Sticky Yoga Mat [18] – $23.98
Gaiam’s Premium Sticky Yoga Mat is perfect for those workouts that demand more from your back and mat. Whether practicing Ashtanga [19] or power yoga [20], you’ll never slip and will enjoy double thickness. No more layering mats! Bonus: Every one of these yoga mats comes with a free yoga workout video!

What did users have to say? Here are just a couple samplings from 59 reviews: A Colorado customer wrote, “This premium mat solves the ache and hurt of aging knees — and the rest of the body, too! I’m spoiled forever!” Another customer writes, “The extra thickness of this mat is noticeable and much appreciated! It provides good grip, and is easy to clean. The nicest mat I’ve ever had.”

Tree Of Life Mat Bag [21]6. Tree of Life Yoga Tote [21] – $19.98
Any standard or premium yoga or Pilates mat [3] will fit into this 28-inch-wide bag with magnetic snaps. Featuring a green Tree of Life emblem on a natural white background, the roomy yoga tote includes zippered interior and exterior pockets with a nylon-fabric lining.

Reviews averaged 4.6 out of 5 stars, with many throwing around superlatives like “a perfect find,” “stylish” and “durable and portable without being bulky.” One beginning yoga enthusiast even wrote, “Gaiam’s products have truly enhanced (my) experience.”

Gaiam Yoga Club [22]7. Gaiam Yoga Club [22] – $6.25 per week or $25 per month
After your free 10-day trial of the best yoga workouts, you’ll want to subscribe to this online yoga class featuring a weekly video of the various yoga poses [23] and daily podcasts that guide you step-by-step through your home practice. Yoga experts Rodney Yee [24] and Colleen Saidman [25] will help you gain flexibility, strength and confidence while you learn in the comfort of your own home. You can even personalize your practice for every level, from beginner to seasoned yogi.

How to save money on Gaiam yoga products

Gaiam savings are just a click away when you visit the Yoga and Fitness Outlet [26] on Gaiam.com. You can also sign up for Gaiam emails [27], which give you — among other advantages — a head start on any limited-time or stock deals. And be sure to follow Gaiam on Facebook [28] and Twitter [29] to get special social-media-only offers on Gaiam products.

Want even more savings? Online Gaiam coupons also ensure you get the best deals exactly when you need them. The best independent list of ways to find Gaiam deals can be found in the CouponSherpa article “Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Gaiam [30].”

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