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A Quote by Drew M. Pace on life, hope, destiny, live, passion, you are, self, and selfless

Life is like an unwritten book, you decide how many pages are in it.

Drew Pace

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A Quote by Endless Song on you are, love, peace, god, truth, freedom, and stillness

Society as That

All children crying tonight
Stop and be still
You are Love

All teenagers lost in fear
Stop and be Still
You are Peace

All Mothers praying for healing
Stop and be still
You are God

All fathers pushing to make it
Stop and be still
You are It

And all lost ones in thought
Stop and be very still
You are Truth

All nations fighting to be free
Stop and be still
You are already Freedom

Know This in Stillness

It is You.

Mike Smith

Source: Selling Nails On The Beach: An Original Collection OF Reiki Poems

Contributed by: David

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