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Gaia's main problems are not industrialization, ozone depletion, overpopulation, or resource depletion. Gaia's main problem is the lack of mutual understanding and mutual agreement in the noosphere about how to proceed with those problems. We cannot rein in industry if we cannot reach mutual understanding and mutual agreement based on a worldcentric moral perspective concerning the global commons. And we reach the worldcentric moral perspective through a difficult and laborious process of interior growth and transcendence.

Ken Wilber

Source: A Brief History of Everything, Pages: 337

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A Quote by Frank Arjava Petter on worldcentric, competitiveness, and interdependence

One human being, one village, one city, or even one country can no longer live entirely on its own.  Competitiveness - the desire to be the first, the best, the foremost, and only one - has simply become outdated as a "value."  This desire may have been useful in the past.  The concept of evolution describes a process from dependence toward independence, ultimately resulting in interdependence.

Frank Petter

Source: The Spirit of Reiki (Shangri-La Series), Pages: 7

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on love, egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, and compassion

...we cannot simply recommend love and compassion per se, for those unfold from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric, and do we really want an increase in ethnocentric love?

Ken Wilber

Source: A Theory of Everything : An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality, Pages: 105

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