A Quote by Hazel Felleman on work, challenge, poem, and poetry


Thank God for the might of it,
The ardor, the urge, the delight of it--
Work that springs from the heart's desire,
Setting the brain and the soul on fire--
Oh, what is so good as the heat of it,
And what is so glad as the beat of it,
And what is so kind as the stern command,
Challenging brain and heart and hand? ...

(excerpt of poem by Angela Morgan)

Hazel Felleman

Source: Poems That Live Forever, Pages: 439..440

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A Quote by unknown on work, bliss, and no mistakes

Keep in touch with your soul by developing your technique.  There are no mistakes, so... just work. The more you work the more you'll figure out if that's your bliss.


Source: ::: Fernando Araujo ::: (New artist for the Month)

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A Quote by André Gide on difficulty, problem, overcome, situation, and work

It is not always by plugging away at a difficulty and sticking to it that one overcomes it; often it is by working on the one next to it. Some things and some people have to be approached obliquely, at an angle.

Andre Gide (1869 - 1951)

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A Quote by Alexander Kjerulf on job and work


Many, many people seem to think that sometimes you’ve just got to knuckle down and take that sucky job because you need the money. You can be a student paying your tuition, a new graduate paying off your student loans, a new home owner struggling to make the mortgage or any number of other situations that mean you depend on a steady income.

But does that really mean that you must accept being unhappy at work? There is one question you must ask yourself:

Leaving a bad job may cost you some money. Sure.
But what will keeping that job cost you?

Being unhappy at work steadily saps your energy, will power, self esteem and motivation. The longer you stay in that situation, the harder it gets to see any positive alternatives and to take action and move on.

And it doesn’t just affect you at work, it also affects you outside of work. When work is something that gives you no pleasure, has no meaning for you, gives you no victories or appreciation and is simply no fun, your life outside of work is likely to suffer too.

Alexander Kjerulf

Source: Chief Happiness Officer Blog: Ask the CHO: Should you work for a year in a job that sucks:

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A Quote by Bill William Henry Cosby on work, labor, and dignity

There is no labor a person does that is undignified;  if they do it right.

Bill Cosby (1937 -)

Source: Thanks for Making a Difference; Positive Gifts

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A Quote by David Lynch on work and job


So much of what happened to me is good fortune. But I would say: Try to get a job that gives you some time; get your sleep and a little bit of food; and work as much as you can. There's so much enjoyment in doing what you love. Maybe this will open doors, and you'll find a way to do what you love.

David Lynch

Source: Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, Pages: 163

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A Quote by Alan Lightman on time, clocks, bodies, living, life, and work

Then there are those who think that their bodies don't exist. They live by mechanical time. They rise at seven o'clock in the morning. They eat their lunch at noon and their supper at six. They arrive at their appointments on time, precisely by the clock. They make love between eight and ten at night. They work forty hours a week, read the Sunday paper on Sunday, play chess on Tuesday nights. When their stomach growls, they look at their watch to see if it is time to eat. When they begin to lose themselves in a concert, they look at the clock above the stage to see when it will be time to go home. They know that the body is not a thing of wild magic, but a collection of chemicals, tissues, and nerve impulses.

Alan Lightman

Source: Einstein's Dreams (Vintage Contemporaries)

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A Quote by Bruce Cryer on people, business, creativity, and work

Everything about business comes down to people. Where in business can we escape the impact of human care, human creativity, human commitment, human frustration, and human despair? There is no reason for anything in business to exist if it does not serve the needs of people.

Bruce Cryer

Source: Re-Engineering the Human System

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A Quote by bell hooks on love and work


Most of us did not learn when we were young that our capacity to be self-loving would be shaped by the work we do and whether that work enhances our well-being.

bell hooks

Source: All About Love: New Visions, Pages: 65

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A Quote by bell hooks on love, work, and growth

When we work with love we renew the spirit; that renewal is an act of self-love, it nurtures our growth.

bell hooks

Source: All About Love: New Visions, Pages: 65

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