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"My code is simple: Protect yours, no matter what the cost. Always assume that when you see a loved one it will be for the last time. Let people do whatever it is they want to do - until it adversely affects you/your tribe. Live below your means. Do as much as you can to help others, and then do a little more. Do as much as you can to not affect others in a negative way. Take care of you and yours, and no one else will have to. Admit when you've hurt another and take responsibility, so that the healing may be quick. And above all, if you commit yourself to something follow through. Not just for others' benefits, but because you'll build confidence in yourself that way. Never accept a low standard of behavior because someone's a man or woman. We're all just people - and we all make mistakes - but we're also prone to narcissism and self-gratification (often at the cost of others), which is something that has to be combatted early and often. Values give your life meaning. Choosing to delay your selfish needs so you can keep your word builds character and doing what you know is the right thing builds confidence. I think people use their emotions and/or instincts to justify their poor behavior in most cases and avoid looking at the effects they have on other people. And this includes me, but I want to be a better person. As a result, I want better people around me. If I just wanted friends who acted from emotion, I'd hang out at the day care, and if I wanted friends who acted from instinct, I'd hang out at the animal shelter. And if I wanted friends who patted themselves on the back for being "rebels" and/or "social deviants" but haven't realized yet how their actions are making their lives very unhappy, I'd hang out at the high school.

I guess the other thing I think is - never make those a priority that have not made you theirs. There are some really shitty people out there, sometimes right under your nose. Pay attention to inconsistencies. If someone's taking advantage of you, lying to you, leaving you with a bad feeling or abusing you, sever that limb so that the others may survive."


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