A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on silence, energy, sound, musical, song, word, manifest, attention, inner, and outer

Silence is Golden; it has divine power and immense energy. Try to pay more attention to the silence than to the sounds.  Paying attention to outer silence creates inner silence: the mind becomes still. Every sound is born out of silence, dies back into silence, and during its life span is surrounded by silence. Silence enables the sound to be. It is an intrinsic but unmanifested part of every sound, every musical note, every song, and every word. The unmanifested is present in this world as silence.  All you have to do is pay attention to it.

Eckhart Tolle

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A Quote by Christian Larson on word, thought, and expression

Every word that you express will return to you.

Christian Larson

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on consciousness, creation, creativity, manifestation, reality, biology, the secret, thought, mind, word, duality, division, fragmentation, fragmentary body, sound, intention, universe, birth, and cosmology

If consciousness creates, and reality including biology is a thought-form, and in the beginning was indeed the Word, then it is critical we realize that a divided consciousness employing some type of divisive sound combined with a separatist intention gave birth to our dualistic universe.

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 148

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A Quote by Gaston Bachelard on alchemy, alchemist, experiment, word, vocabulary, reverie, exaltation, name, and substance

The psychology of the alchemist is that of reveries trying to constitute themselves in experiments on the exterior world. A double vocabulary must be established between reverie and experiment. The exaltation of the names of substances is the preamble to experiments on the "exalted" substances.

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962)

Source: The Poetics of Reverie, Pages: 72

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A Quote by Gaston Bachelard on reverie, word, dream, writing, pen, and page

Doesn't reverie ramify the sentence which has been begun? A word is a bud attempting to become a twig. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream. If only one could write for himself alone.

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962)

Source: The Poetics of Reverie, Pages: 17

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A Quote by William Gass on word and mind


Words are the supreme objects. They are minded things.

William Gass

Source: Hyperion, Pages: 190

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A Quote by Dan Simmons on express, thought, genius, civilization, cosmos, word, idea, and human

Gass once wrote: "Language serves not only to express thought but to make possible thoughts which could not exist without it." Here is the essence of mankind's creative genius: not the edifices of civilization nor the bang-flash weapons which can end it, but the words which fertilize new concepts like spermatozoa attacking an ovum. It might be argued that the Siamese twin infants of word/idea are the only contribution the human species can, will, or should make to the raveling cosmos.

Dan Simmons

Source: Hyperion, Pages: 191

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A Quote by Dan Simmons on word, truth, and poet

Words are the only bullets in truth's bandolier. And poets are the snipers.

Dan Simmons

Source: Hyperion, Pages: 192

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A Quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on deed, evil, thought, word, brahmin, and Holy Man

By whomsoever no evil is done in deed, or word, or thought, him I call a Brahmin (holy man) who is guarded in these three.

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: The Buddha's "Way of Virtue": A Translation of the Dhammapada from the Pali Text‎ - Page 80

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