A Quote by John Daido Loori on whole, interbeing, and connection

What transpires for the least significant member transpires at once for the whole.

John Daido Loori

Source: The True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen's Three Hundred Koans, Pages: 89

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A Quote by David Hilbert on mathematics, whole, indivisible, organism, and parts

Mathematical science is in my opinion an indivisible whole, an organism whose vitality is conditioned upon the connection of its parts.

David Hilbert (1862 - 1943)

Source: as quoted in Excursions in Calculus, by R.M. Young.

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A Quote by Mr. on god, we, us, part, all, whole, god is us, and mr prophet

God is a part of all of us and we are all a part of God.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Mr. Prophet

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A Quote by -Paula Gunn Allen on hoop dancer, timeless, whole, and process

Hoop Dancer is a rendering of my understanding of the process by which one enters into timelessness -- that place where one is whole.

Paula Gunn Allen

Source: The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian

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A Quote by Lao-Tzu on goodwill, direction, one, and whole

When you extend your goodwill in every direction, regardless of circumstances, you begin to see that we are all one. 


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A Quote by Sol Luckman on consciousness, human potential, enlightenment, unity consciousness, healing, whole, power, worship, and false god

Human consciousness, not technology, is the key to true enlightenment. Reliance on something outside ourselves such as a technological device to heal us, or make us “whole,” is at best giving away our power, at worst worshiping a false god.

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 125

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A Quote by David Truman on the path to union, union, wholeness, communion, rapture, being, ecstasy, bliss, awakening, invocation, balance, fullness, whole, full, internal wholeness, attention, self-forgetfulness, unity, unifying, life, true, poetry, heal

The Path to Union

By means of Invocation, the being awakens,
and awakening becomes fullness.

By means of balancing, fullness becomes
internal wholeness.

By virtue of exteriorized attention, internal
wholeness becomes Communion.

By virtue of self-forgetfulness, Communion
becomes Union.

David Truman

Source: Amadon

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A Quote by C.G. Walters on energy, field, whole, and absolute

There is a single, all-encompassing energy field, call it the Whole or the Absolute. Within this infinitude are a limitless number of overlapping subsets, let's say segmented fields, that vibrate at unique ranges of frequencies. Each field is a separate reality, which more often than not remains unseen by any of the inhabitants of the other fields because of the frequency differences between them.

C.G. Walters

Source: Sacred Vow, Pages: 67

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A Quote by Baruch Spinoza on good, knowledge, union, mind, whole, and universe

The greatest good is the knowledge of the union which the mind has with the whole nature.

Baruch Spinoza (1632 - 1677)

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A Quote by Dave Buck on greatness, whole, wholeness, blanace, soul, free, and self-expresses

Greatness is a natural state - A state of wholeness, a state of balance between mind, body and soul connection. In this state everything that you are is available to respond to whatever the moment calls for. You are free, you are boldly self-expressed. Greatness is not based on accomplishment - it is available to anyone right now.

Dave Buck

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