A Quote by Phyllis Diller on clothes, justice, and wedding

Just because I have rice on my clothes doesn't mean I've been to a wedding. A chinese man threw up on me.

Phyllis Diller

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A Quote by Margot Tennant Asquith on lies and wedding

She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake.

Margot Asquith (1864 - 1945)

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A Quote by Joseph Addison on advice, clothes, wedding, and women

A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes.

Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719)

Source: The Spectator

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A Quote by John Heywood on destiny and wedding

Wedding is destiny, And hanging likewise.

John Heywood (1497? - 1580)

Source: Proverbes. Part i. Chap. iii. 1546

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A Quote by Joe Mcdonald on business, crisis, meaning, mistakes, relatives, responsibility, wedding, words, and world

One of my favorite words is "miscommunication." Its meaning has become so broad as to justify everything from the Middle East crisis to why a relative missed the wedding. In the business world, vendors and clients alike use it to explain away huge mistakes and, best of all, without assigning responsibility to anyone. It is the verbal Get-Out-of-Jail card for the '90s.

Joe Mcdonald

Source: Washington Post

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A Quote by Jean Anouilh on diplomacy, funerals, good, and wedding

Everything ends this way in France - everything. Weddings, christenings, duels, funerals, swindlings, diplomatic affairs - everything is a pretext for a good dinner.

Jean Anouilh (1910 - 1987)

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A Quote by Henry Fielding on day and wedding

When widows exclaim loudly against second marriages, I would always lay a wager, that the man, if not the wedding-day, is absolutely fixed on.

Henry Fielding (1707 - 1754)

Source: Amelia

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A Quote by Elaine Christensen on children, daughters, day, garden, god, kindness, parenthood, understanding, water, wedding, and world

Covenant Water runs from a spout below my open window. A February sun thaws what's left of Thursday's storm. It is a day of whites and blues: a squint-eyed day, a hold-still, breathe-deep day. When God made the world and put Adam and Eve in the garden of greens and orchids and grapes, part of Him longed for the day when they would discover winter. When it snows in the South, parents wake their children, even at three in the morning to see flakes like goose feathers, to feel them tingling on their eyelids. Children can't begin to understand what is given them, what it costs, that the cost doesn't matter. Dear God, don't let me take this day for granted. White edges every fence. Each roof is an untouched field. The honey locust offers clumps of snow like winter fruit left unpicked in its limbs. The ponderosa spreads voluminous petticoats out to dry. Light refracts, splinters across the snow like sequins scattered and hand-sewn on my daughter's wedding veil. It is a day for making vows, the kind you tell no one, the kind you keep.

Elaine Christensen (1948 -)

Source: Encore, 1998

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A Quote by Douglas Jerrold on wedding and world

There is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.

Douglas Jerrold (1803 - 1857)

Source: A Wedding-gown.

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A Quote by David B. Haight on birthday, god, knowledge, life, memory, understanding, and wedding

We've had a wonderful, wonderful life together. We've been in many places, we've had the experiences, and now we have the memories. But most of all we have developed the solid knowledge and understanding and background regarding the foundation stones of life, so that we know for a surety that what we are doing [in helping to build the Kingdom of God] is true. Those foundation stones are granite stones; not soft, not limestones. They are granite.

David B. Haight (1906 -)

Source: [On the occasion of their 70th wedding anniversary and his 94th birthday] Church News, September 2, 2000. p. 6, © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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