A Quote by Stephen R. Covey on ability, change, people, and value

People can't live with change if there's not a changeless core inside them. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about and what you value.

Stephen Covey (1932 -)

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A Quote by Anthony (Tony) Robbins on change and value

For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent.

Tony Robbins (1960 -)

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on losing, possessions, value, virtue, and worth

For it so falls out That what we have we prize not to the worth Whiles we enjoy it, but being lack'd and lost, Why, then we rack the value, then we find The virtue that possession would not show us Whiles it was ours.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: Much Ado About Nothing

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A Quote by William Orville Douglas on growth, individuality, nations, sacrifice, spirituality, and value

The growth of bigness has resulted in ruthless sacrifices of human value. The disappearance of free enterprise has submerged the individual in the impersonal corporation. When a nation of shopkeepers is transformed into a nation of clerks, enormous spiritual sacrifices are made.

William Orville Douglas (1898 - 1980)

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A Quote by William Lyon Phelps on age, animals, disability, education, efficiency, growth, happiness, lies, men, men and women, mind, order, personality, personality, value, wealth, women, and youth

Herein lies the real value of education. Advanced education may or may not make men and women more efficient; but it enriches personality, increases the wealth of the mind, and hence brings happiness. It is the finest insurance against old age, against the growth of physical disability, against the lack and loss of animal delights. How essential it is, then, in youth to acquire some intellectual or artistic tastes, in order to furnish the mind, to be able to live inside a mind with attractive and interesting pictures on the walls.

William Lyon Phelps (1822 - 1900)

Source: Happiness by William Lyon Phelps

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A Quote by William Hazlitt on value


Those who make their dress a principal part of themselves, will, in general, become of no more value than their dress.

William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

Source: Political Essays. On the Clerical Character

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A Quote by William Feather on experience and value

Experience seems to be the only thing of any value that's widely distributed.

William Feather (1889 - 1981)

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A Quote by William Bateson on argument, authority, commitment, courage, debate, encouragement, evolution, facts, failure, faith, familiarity, imagination, irony, popularity, power, research, simplicity, theory, and value

Empirical confirmation of Darwin's theory did not prove forthcoming in the first few decades following its publication. Indeed, by the early twentieth century, many noted naturalists had come to regard Darwin's account of evolution by natural selection as a theoretical failure. Some even described their continuing commitment to evolution as a matter of faith, rather an ironic justification in light of the impending Scopes trial of 1925. "I suppose that everyone is familiar in outline with the theory of the origin of species which Darwin promulgated. Through the last fifty years this theme of the natural selection of favored races has been developed and expounded in writings innumerable. Favored races certainly can replace others. The argument is sound, but we are doubtful of its value. For us that debate stands adjourned. We go to Darwin for his incomparable collection of facts. We would fain emulate his scholarship, his width and his power of exposition, but to us he speaks no more with philosophical authority. We read his scheme of evolution as we would those of Leucretius or of Lamarck, delighting in their simplicity and courage." "Modern research lends not the smallest encouragement or sanction to the view that gradual evolution occurs by the transformation of masses of individuals, though that fancy has fixed itself on popular imagination."

William Bateson (1861 - 1926)

Source: Address of the President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, August 14, 1914

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A Quote by William A. Irwin on body, exercise, friendship, learning, life, needs, play, profit, relaxation, time, and value

One of the best lessons that anyone can learn in life is how to use time wisely. Consider what can be done in ten minutes. If you need a little mental relaxation, you can sit down with a friend and play a game of cards. If you need some physical recreation, you can engage in a few exercises that will help tone up your body. Perhaps you have a friend who for weeks or months has been looking for a letter. Then there may be among your acquaintances someone whose friendship you would value highly and whose counsel would be profitable. Learn to use ten minutes intelligently. It will pay you huge dividends.

William A. Irwin

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A Quote by Wayne Winterrowd on children, gifts, perception, and value

It often happens to children - and sometimes to gardeners - that they are given gifts of value of which they do not perceive until much later.

Wayne Winterrowd

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