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I concluded that immune-wrecking retroviruses can penetrate the bloodstream via “immunizations” and alter one’s genetic code, potentially sabotaging health under a myriad of creative diagnoses such as “fibromyalgia,” “chronic fatigue,” and “multiple chemical sensitivity.”

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 11..12

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A major contributing factor to many, if not all, autoimmune conditions is genetic damage through invasive factors such as vaccines compounded by cellular toxicity. I contend that cells collect and hold toxicity for the purpose of slowing down the many mutant pathogens, such as simian 40 retrovirus, released in the organism under the radar of the immune system by vaccines. The body knows that toxic substances—heavy metals and pesticides, for instance—are not only poisonous to the host, but also to pathogens. Such a Catch-22 can lead to environmental illness and immunological breakdown in which the body starts attacking its own toxic cells, but it may be the only choice a biosystem operating with damaged DNA has.

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 12

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