A Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer on universe, single dreamer, and dream

The Universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer where all the dream characters dream too.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

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A Quote by Arjuna Ardagh on magic and universe

In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.

Arjuna Ardagh

Source: The Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You Are Waking Up & Changing the World

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A Quote by Micheal Teal on beauty, sacred, spirit, soul, womb, love, earth, discovery, universe, and self

 The true beauty of the inner self is its spirit nurturing truth which breathes joy and happiness into our very soul. By living life in harmony and balance we awaken our inner universe and cultivate infinite love for all beings. The essence of being alive is to live an inspired life of higher self discovery that opens doorways to richness of spirit and inspires us to embrace the earth as a sacred womb of love.

Micheal Teal

Source: Micheal Teal - Poet, Philosopher and Shaman

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on universe, infinite, and stupidity

There are two infinites: the Universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the Universe.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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A Quote by Jean Houston on possibility and universe

At the height of laughter the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

Jean Houston

Source: Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing

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A Quote by Annie Dillard on discovery, mystery, self, spirit, and universe

The gaps are the thing.  The gaps are the spirit's one home, the altitudes and latitudes so dazzlingly spare and clean that the spirit can discover itself like a once-blind man unbound.  The gaps are the clefts in the rock where you cower to see the back parts of God; they are fissures between mountains and cells the wind lances through, the icy narrowing fiords splitting the cliffs of mystery.  Go up into the gaps.  If you can find them; they shift and vanish too.  Stalk the gaps.  Squeak into a gap in the soil, turn, and unlock--more than a maple--universe.

Annie Dillard (nee Doak) (1945 -)

Source: The Little Zen Companion

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A Quote by on quantum physics, scientists, and universe

"Quantum physics looks at the universe differently.  In recent years, scientists have developed the technology that has made it possible to document the strange and sometimes miraculous behavior of the quantum energy that forms the essence of the universe and our bodies.  For Example:

Quantum energy can exist in two very different forms as visible particles or invisible waves.  The energy is still there either way, just making itself known in different forms.

A quantum particle can be in one place only, two places at once, or even in many places simultaneously.  The interesting thing, however, is that no matter how far apart these locations appear to be physically, the particle acts as if it's still connected.

Quantum particles can communicate with themselves at different points in time.  They're not limited by the concepts of past, present, and future.  To a quantum particle, this is now and there is here."

Gregg Braden

Source: sponaneous healing of belief

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on mystery, turning point, and universe

My turning point was my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. It was then that I, who had dedicated most of my life to penetrate the 'secrets' of the universe, realized that there are no secrets. Life is and will always be a mystery.

Paulo Coelho

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A Quote by unknown on bedrock, enlightenment, universe, and vanity

Enlightenment is mere vanity, responsibility is the bedrock of the universe.


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A Quote by Steven Weinberg on accidents, universe, and life

It is almost irrestible for humans to believe that we have some special relation to the universe, that human life is not just a more-or-less farcical outcome  of a chain of accidents reaching back to the first three minutes, but that we were somehow built in from the beginning.

Steven Weinberg

Source: cited by Michio Kaku in Parallel Worlds (2004)

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