A Quote by Jean Rostand on art, beauty, and ugliness

Beauty in art is often nothing but ugliness subdued.

Jean Rostand (1894 - 1977)

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A Quote by Jean Anouilh on ugliness

An ugly sight, a man who is afraid.

Jean Anouilh (1910 - 1987)

Source: Antigone

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A Quote by James Baldwin on knowledge and ugliness

The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.

James Baldwin (1924 - 1987)

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A Quote by J. W. A. Young on adaptability, beauty, emotion, mathematics, and ugliness

Mathematics has beauties of its own - a symmetry and proportion in its results, a lack of superfluity, an exact adaptation of means to ends, which is exceedingly remarkable and to be found only in the works of the greatest beauty. When this subject is properly . . . presented, the mental emotion should be that of enjoyment of beauty, not that of repulsion from the ugly and the unpleasant.

J. W. A. Young

Source: H. Eves Mathematical Circles Squared, Boston: Prindle, Weber and Schmidt, 1972.

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A Quote by Thomas Henry Huxley on facts, science, tragedy, and ugliness

The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.

Thomas Huxley (1825 - 1895)

Source: The Practical Cogitator, by Francis Galton.

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A Quote by Helena Rubenstein on laziness, ugliness, and women

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Helena Rubenstein

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A Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley on absence, appreciation, beauty, concern, egotism, gratitude, ignorance, knowledge, mind, pleasure, selfishness, and ugliness

Absence of gratitude is the mark of the narrow, uneducated mind. It bespeaks a lack of knowledge and the ignorance of self-sufficiency. It expresses itself in ugly egotism and frequently in wanton mischief. We have seen our beaches, our parks, our forests littered with ugly refuse by those who evidently have no appreciation for their beauty. I have driven through thousands of acres of blackened land scourged by a fire evidently set by a careless smoker whose only concern had been the selfish pleasure gained from a cigarette.

Gordon B. Hinckley (1910 -)

Source: the Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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A Quote by Godfrey H. Hardy on beauty, colors, ideas, mathematics, poets, ugliness, words, and world

The mathematician's patterns, like the painter's or the poet's must be beautiful; the ideas, like the colors or the words must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in this world for ugly mathematics.

Godfrey H. Hardy (1877 - 1947)

Source: A Mathematician's Apology, London, Cambridge University Press, 1941.

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A Quote by Fra Giovanni Giocondo on generosity, gifts, judgment, life, love, power, ugliness, and wisdom

Life is so generous a giver, but we, judging its gifts by the covering, cast them away as ugly or heavy or hard. Remove the covering and you will find beneath it a living splendor, woven of love, by wisdom, with power.

Giovanni Giocondo (1433 - 1515)

Source: Letter to Countess Aldobrandeschi (Christmas Eve, 1513)

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A Quote by George Eliot on errors, fortune, liberty, people, and ugliness

Errors look so very ugly in persons of small means -one feels they are taking quite a liberty in going astray; whereas people of fortune may naturally indulge in a few delinquencies.

George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Source: Janet's Repentance, ch. 25, first in Blackwood's Magazine,1857; Scenes of Clerical Life, 1858

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