A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, truth, capitalism, and science

The rise of techno-science and capitalism, bent on controlling all things just through their inherent chaotism (the weaknesses or vices in their organicism), is a concerted determination to make human existence a grandiose mechanistic apparatus, an infinitely regimented economy:  nothing in human psyche or natural resources or the “noosphere” of ideas should escape the net of lawful determinations extrapolated from the fictive “first principle” of Money or Capital.  —If we encountered this coordinated web of irrationalist compulsions among a primitive tribe or an alien species, we would recognize it for what it actually is, a cult or mania; but since it is a cult or mania that has owned the Western world free and clear for the past five or six centuries, it is instead adulated and revered as “ultimate truth,” as the divinely decreed and fated Way Things Are and Will Eternally Remain.

Kenneth Smith


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A Quote by unknown on horse, truth, speak, and armenian saying

He who speaks the truth should always keep a saddled horse at the ready.


Source: Horse Sense and Horsemanship: Ranking, Partnership, Energy Transfer, Pages: 67

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A Quote by Krista Delle Femine on truth, knowledge, and humility

Profound truth only comes to those who would not presume to have the answer.

Krista Delle Femine

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on acts, rabbi, religion, and truth

The dangers is that every religion, including the Catholic one, says "I have the ultimate truth." Then you start to rely on the priest, the mullah, the rabbi, or whoever, to be responsible for your acts. In fact, you are the only one who is responsible.

Paulo Coelho

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A Quote by St. John of Kronstadt on god, christianity, truth, spirituality, meditation, death, healing, renewel, love, and life

Christ is our hope, our cleansing and santification, our resurrection, life and repose.  He alone is what we all need, and therefore, the Orthodox Church constantaly pronounces these words aloud so that we may hear them during Holy Services of the Church, and be constantly renewed.  For we are inclined to forget the only thing we need.  With death all will be taken from us, all earthly goods, riches, beauty of body and raiment, spacious dwellings, etc., but the virtue of the soul, that incorruptible raiment, shall remain with us eternally.

Saint John of Kronstadt

St. John

Source: Daily Lives, Miracacles, and Wisdom of the Saints.

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A Quote by John Hay Allison on discipline, doctrine, faith, nature, quest, ransom, standard, truth, and universe

Truth is the discipline of the ascetic, the quest of the mystic, the faith of the simple, the ransom of the weak, the standard of the righteous, the doctrine of the meek, and the challenge of Nature.  Together, all these constitute the Law of the universe.

John Hay Allison

Source: Worldwide Laws of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles

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A Quote by St. Tikhon of Zadonsk on god, self, spirituality, evil, people, virtue, awareness, freedom, truth, and christianity

Keep from prying into other people's affairs, for such prying gives occasion for slander, judgment, and other grievous sins. Why do you need to be concerned about others? Know and examine your own self.

Tikhon of Zadonsk

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

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A Quote by Gerontissa Makrina on god, spirituality, christianity, forgiveness, healing, love, psychology, peace, and truth

Continually forgive others.  Forgive AT ONCE, not one second latter, not one half second later, because if you hesitate to forgive, jealousy comes in the door, then hatred and envy.  Forgive instantly as Christ forgives instantly.

Gerontissa Makrina

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

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A Quote by Albulena on world, dreams, and truth

Is this World a Real One or is it just a dream of dreams?!
It's just a World of dreams and the Truth is beyond Us

Albulena Xhaferi

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A Quote by Gerontissa Makrina on god, art, beauty, life, spirituality, christianity, truth, and nature

If we do not see the beauty of God in this life then we will never see it in the next life.  We must see the glory of God in the smallest flower.

Gerontissa Makrina

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

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