A Quote by Adlai Ewing Stevenson on brothers, truth, and world

The world is now too small for anything but "the truth" and too terrible for anything but "brotherhood."

Adlai Stevenson (1900 - 1965)

Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by Adam Michnik on behavior, belief, love, society, speech, and truth

Start doing the things you think should be done, and start being what you think society should become. Do you believe in free speech? Then speak freely. Do you love the truth? Then tell it. Do you believe in an open society? Then act in the open. Do you believe in a decent and humane society? Then behave decently and humanely.

Adam Michnik

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A Quote by Abraham Lincoln on accidents, belief, falsehood, guilt, maxims, and truth

I believe it is an established maxim in morals that he who makes an assertion without knowing whether it is true or false is guilty of falsehood, and the accidental truth of the assertion does not justify or excuse him.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

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A Quote by 'Abd al-Kader on body, colors, concern, divinity, earth, god, heart, imagination, names, perception, reality, sacred, secrets, senses, spirit, spirituality, truth, understanding, and world

Turn your face toward the sacred Mosque (Koran 2:144,149,150) Commentary: This means: "Turn the [divine] face which is particular to you. . . ." This face is the secret (sirr) through which your spirit subsists. . . . It is the source of man's being and the command [formulated in the verse] is in reality concerned with this. God . . . does not consider your exterior form but only your heart - which is the "divine face" proper to each of you, and it is this "divine face" which, in you, "contains" God even though His sky and His earth cannot contain Him. . . . He who turns (toward the sacred Mosque} with his body alone, without also turning this face, has not truly turned. . . . He who looks with his finite eye only sees finite things - bodies, colors or surfaces. He who looks with the eye of his hidden spirit sees the hidden things - spiritual beings, forms of the world of the absolute Imagination, jinns - all of which are still only created beings and therefore veils. But he who looks with his face, that is to say, his secret (sirr), sees the face which God has in each thing; for, in truth, only Allah sees Allah, only Allah knows Allah. . . . As for the "sacred Mosque" . . . , although this term applies literally to the Mosque perceived by the senses, it should be understood as designating the degree which totalizes all the divine Names, that is to say the degree of the divinity which is the "place of the prostration" - of the prostration of the heart, not of the body.

'Abd al-Kader (1807 - 1883)

Source: The Spiritual Writings of 'Abd al-Kader, 1995, Kitab al-Mawaqif, 149, pp. 105-107

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A Quote by A. W. Tozer on god, pleasure, truth, and worship

The blessed and inviting truth is that God is the most winsome of all beings and in our worship of Him we should find unspeakable pleasure.

A. W. Tozer

Source: The Pursuit of God

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A Quote by A. H. Gray on anxiety, belief, body, contentment, depression, enemies, facts, fear, god, grace, heart, hunger, learning, love, mankind, needs, peace, people, poverty, power, secrets, strength, suffering, present, trust, truth, understanding, a

Unless the secret of inward peace is also the secret of escape from fear, it does not meet a need I believe is almost the central need of mankind. If it be asked, "Why are so many people in the modern world anxious, worried, nervous, irritable, depressed, bad sleepers, and not quite well?" the answer in most cases is that they are frightened. . . . What, then, is the way to escape from the power of this ever-present enemy? I know none except learning that we are in the keeping of a God who will never desert us. . . . There is no fear where love is, and the love of God is always present. . . . Till we have faced that fact, we are not ready to understand what God does actually for those who trust in Him. But when we have learnt that truth, we may go on to say, "Come what may, we know that He will be with us and therefore need not fear." We may have to suffer in the body, but His sustaining grace will never leave us. We may lose our dear ones and so be wounded in our very hearts, but His grace will give us strength to carry even that cross. We may have to face poverty; but if so, He will do for us what He has done for thousands and teach us how to be poor and yet content. We may have to face hunger of the heart, and no one who knows what that means will ever think lightly of it; but even through that fiery trial, His love will sustain those who turn to Him.

A. H. Gray

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