A Quote by Cecelia Ahern on stories, theatre, ballet, belief, questions, why, and swan lake

We have nonbelievers, atheists, intellects, cynicists... all kinds of what-have-yous in here tonight, but all of them want to see that fella in the tights end up with that swan girl, so she'll be able to get out of that lake.  Only with the love of one who has never loved before can the spell be broken.  Why?  Who the hell cares why?  Do you think your woman with the feathers is going to ask why?  No.  She's just going to say thank you because then she can move on and wear nice dresses and go for walks instead of having to peck at soggy bread in a stinky lake every day for the rest of her life.

Cecelia Ahern

Source: Thanks for the Memories: A Novel, Pages: 229-230

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A Quote by Tom Stoppard on acting, actors, theatre, tom stoppard, rosencrantz and guildenstern, and people

Don't you see!? We're actors — we're the opposite of people!

Tom Stoppard (1937 -)

Source: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

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A Quote by Alice Saltzman on acting, theatre, and art

What works for acting works for life. To act brilliantly, to live fully, requires nothing less than the complete investment of your entire soul! What we do is holy!

Alice Saltzman

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A Quote by Anne Bogart on theatre, acting, and directing

“It is easy to coast through life rather than find the will to continually reach out into the world.  To reach out is to risk.  There is little grace in a life that never extends out beyond the boundaries of self”

Anne Bogart

Source: And then, you act: Making Art in an Unpredictable World

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A Quote by Richard Wagner on high art, god, truth, art, theatre, and future

I believe in God, Mozart and Beethoven and likewise their disciples and apostles; I believe in the Holy Spirit and the truth of the one indivisible art; I believe that this art proceeds from God and lives in the hearts of all illuminated men; I believe that he who once bathes in the sublime delights of this high art, is consecrate to her forever, and never can deny her; I believe that through art all men are saved."

Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883)

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A Quote by Wassily Kandinski on art, monumental, future, theatre, and total

And so the arts are encroaching one upon another, and from a proper use of this encroachment will rise the art that is truly monumental.

Wassily Kandinski

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A Quote by Scott on theatre, theater, theatre quotes, theater quotes, dance, dance quotes, drame, philosophy, scott nilsson, scott bitterman, and 2nilssons

Life is better with a little drama in it.
                                    ~ Scott Nilsson

Scott Nilsson


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