A Quote by Tom Dennard on occurrence and tendency

We all have a tendency to want to label events in our lives as good or bad because that's how we perceive them at the time. But bad can blend into good and good can blend into bad. We need to alter our perception of life's happenings as being good or bad and realize that every occurrence is necessary to make us who we are.

Tom Dennard

Source: Discovering Life's Trails

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A Quote by Sage Vasishtha on life-breath, death, after, re-birth, memory, tendency, consciousness, infinite, and cease

 How can infinite consciousness cease to be? The person is nothing but infinite consciousness. Who dies and when, to whom does this infinite consciousness belong and how? Even when millions of bodies die, this consciousness exists undiminished.

Sage Vasishtha

Source: The Concise Yoga Vasistha, Pages: 67

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