A Quote by Jacqueline Schiff on remedies and temper

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.

Jacqueline Schiff

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A Quote by J. J. Reynolds on faults and temper

Don't be a fault-finding grouch; when you feel like finding fault with somebody or something stop for a moment and think; there is very apt to be something wrong within yourself. Don't permit yourself to show temper, and always remember that when you are in the right, you can afford to keep your temper, and when you are in the wrong you cannot afford to lose it.

J. J. Reynolds

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A Quote by Isaac Watts on anger, devil, divinity, practice, resentment, and temper

To be angry about trifles is mean and childish; to rage and be furious is brutish; and to maintain perpetual wrath is akin to the practice and temper of devils; but to prevent and suppress rising resentment is wise and glorious, is manly and divine.

Isaac Watts (1674 - 1748)

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A Quote by Grenville Kleiser on cleverness, conversation, culture, people, radicals, temper, and time

Discreetly keep most of your radical opinions to yourself. When with people be a listener a large part of the time. Be considerate in every word and act, and resist the tendency to say clever things. The best evidence of your culture is the tone and temper of your conversation.

Grenville Kleiser (1868 - 1953)

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A Quote by George Eliot on temper and world

It was not that she was out of temper, but that the world was not equal to the demands of her fine organism.

George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Source: Daniel Deronda, bk. 1, ch. 7, 1876, of Gwendolen Harleth.

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A Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on growth, temper, and wisdom

The growth of wisdom may be gauged accurately by the decline of ill-temper.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

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A Quote by Francis Quarles on heart, prudence, and temper

Temper your enjoyments with prudence, lest there be written on your heart that fearful word "satiety."

Francis Quarles (1592 - 1644)

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A Quote by Ezra Taft Benson on action, behavior, control, emotion, and temper

If a man does not control his temper, it is a sad admission that he is not in control of his thoughts. He then becomes a victim of his own passions and emotions, which lead him to actions that are totally unfit for civilized behavior, let alone behavior for a priesthood holder.

Ezra Taft Benson (1899 - 1994)

Source: Ensign, November 1986, p. 47.

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A Quote by Elbert Green Hubbard on temper


Righteous indignation - Your own wrath as opposed to the shocking bad temper of others.

Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)

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A Quote by David Oman McKay on anger, suffering, temper, and wonder

A man in such a mental state that the anger itself does him more harm than the condition which aroused his anger . . . suffers more from the vexation than he does from the acts that aroused that vexation. I wonder how long it will take us to realize that in matters of temper nothing can bring us damage but ourselves.

David McKay (1873 - 1970)

Source: Address, Brigham Young University, October 12, 1965.

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