A Quote by Dick Cavett on comedy and television

There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?

Dick Cavett

Source: mocking the TV-violence debate. California newspaper, May 1994

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A Quote by David Mack on books, computers, generations, obsession, people, technology, and television

Otaku: the most formal way of referring to 'you' in Japanese. Implying a technological barrier between people. Otaku has come to refer to the often obsessive and reclusive individuals of Japan's new generation who are more comfortable with computers, games, books, data, television and technology than with people.

David Mack

Source: Kabuki: Circle of Blood by David Mack.

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A Quote by David Frost on home, people, and television

Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home.

David Frost

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A Quote by David Brinkley on television

The one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were.

David Brinkley

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A Quote by Dave Barry on guidance, needs, peace, television, truth, wisdom, and world

Another possible source of guidance for teenagers is television, but television's message has always been that the need for truth, wisdom and world peace pales by comparison with the need for a toothpaste that offers whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Dave Barry (1947 -)

Source: Kids Today, They Don't Know Dum Diddly Do

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A Quote by Dave Barry on computers, intelligence, internet, life, mind, people, and television

The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, "people without lives." We don't care. We have each other.... While you are destroying your mind watching the worthless, brain-rotting drivel on TV, we on the Internet are exchanging, freely and openly, the most settings, uninhibited, intimate and, yes, shocking details about our "CONFIG.SYS."

Dave Barry (1947 -)

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A Quote by Dalai Lama on agreement, awareness, belief, conviction, culture, fear, influence, kindness, nature, people, self-awareness, sharing, technology, and television

I agree that the fear of American cultural imperialism is shared by many people, and I agree with your point about the invasive nature of television culture. But I wouldn't draw the next inference: that this is negative and therefore it must be stopped. I feel that one should address this influence in a way that takes away the negative edge through a positive counter-response. This way, you reinforce and reaffirm your conviction in the inner values. You harness those beliefs and develop them with a greater degree of self-awareness. That's the kind of response people should have, instead of rejecting technology.

Dalai Lama

Source: Tibetan Lamaism. Regarded as vice-regent of the Buddha & the reincarnation of the previous Lama.

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A Quote by Clive Barnes on culture, democracy, people, and television

Television is the first truly democratic culture - the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.

Clive Barnes

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A Quote by Brooke Sheilds on good, home, schools, and television

What does good in bed mean to me? When I'm sick and I stay home from school propped up with lots of pillows watching TV and my mom brings me soup - that's good in bed.

Brooke Sheilds

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A Quote by Barbara Pierce Bush on celebrity, golf, husbands, and television

As if we don't have enough volence on television. After her husband accidentally hit two spectators with golf balls during a celebrity golf tournament.

Barbara Bush (1925 -)

Source: 1995

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