A Quote by Jack H. Adamson on acceptance, individuality, teachers, and teaching

No teacher should be required to accept in a class any individual whose conduct habitually interferes with the teaching of others.

Jack H. Adamson

Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by J. E. Littlewood on failure, needs, people, potential, reason, and teaching

I constantly meet people who are doubtful, generally without due reason, about their potential capacity [as mathematicians]. The first test is whether you got anything out of geometry. To have disliked or failed to get on with other [mathematical] subjects need mean nothing; much drill and drudgery is unavoidable before they can get started, and bad teaching can make them unintelligible even to a born mathematician.

J. E. Littlewood (1885 - 1977)

Source: A Mathematician's Miscellany, Methuen and Co. ltd., 1953.

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A Quote by J. E. Littlewood on belief, certainty, change, practice, research, teaching, and trouble

In passing, I firmly believe that research should be offset by a certain amount of teaching, if only as a change from the agony of research. The trouble, however, I freely admit, is that in practice you get either no teaching, or else far too much.

J. E. Littlewood (1885 - 1977)

Source: "The Mathematician's Art of Work" in Béla Bollobás (ed.) Littlewood's Miscellany, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

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A Quote by J. B. Phillips on argument, christ, christianity, god, harmony, jesus, life, love, people, problems, purpose, religion, teaching, thought, truth, work, and world

Suppose Christianity is not a religion but a way of life, a falling in love with God, and, through Him, a falling in love with our fellows. Of course, such a way is hard and costly, but it is also joyous and rewarding even in the here-and-now. People who follow that Way know beyond all possible argument that they are in harmony with the purpose of God, that Christ is with them and in them as they set about His work in our disordered world. If anyone thinks this is perilous and revolutionary teaching, so much the better. That is exactly what they thought of the teaching of Jesus Christ. The light He brought to bear upon human affairs is almost unbearably brilliant: but it is the light of Truth, and in that light human problems can be solved.

J. B. Phillips (1906 - 1982)

Source: When God Was Man

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A Quote by Isaac Todhunter on ideas, life, and teaching

[Asked whether he would like to see an experimental demonstration of conical refraction] No. I have been teaching it all my life, and I do not want to have my ideas upset.

Isaac Todhunter (1820 - 1910)

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A Quote by Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn al-`Arabi on biography, day, life, proof, strength, and teaching

He who is the disciple of Khidr possesses sufficient inner strength to seek freely the teaching of all masters. Of this the biography of Ibn 'Arabi, who frequented all the masters of his day and welcomed their teachings, offers living proof.

Ibn al-'Arabi (1165 - 1240)

Source: Corbin, Henry. Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn `Arabi, 1969. p. 67

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A Quote by Thomas Henry Huxley on authority, nature, proof, rest, teaching, traditions, and work

The mathematician starts with a few propositions, the proof of which is so obvious that they are called self-evident, and the rest of his work consists of subtle deductions from them. The teaching of languages, at any rate as ordinarily practiced, is of the same general nature authority and tradition furnish the data, and the mental operations are deductive.

Thomas Huxley (1825 - 1895)

Source: "Scientific Education — Notes of an After-dinner Speech." Macmillan's Magazine Vol XX, 1869.

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A Quote by Henry St. John Bolingbroke on history, philosophy, and teaching

I have read somewhere or other,-in Dionysius of Halicarnassus, I think,-that history is philosophy teaching by examples.

Henry St. John Bolingbroke (1678 - 1751)

Source: On the Study and Use of History. Letter 2.

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A Quote by Henry B. Eyring on simplicity and teaching

One of the surest ways to avoid even getting near false doctrine is to choose to be simple in our teaching.

Henry B. Eyring (1933 -)

Source: Ensign, May 1999, © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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A Quote by Henri Frédéric Amiel on art and teaching

To know how to suggest is the art of teaching.

Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 - 1881)

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