A Quote by Ric Ocasek on business, day, good, intelligence, justice, learning, music, needs, people, performance, play, schools, students, and teachers

While I was in Ann Arbor I heard that Boston was a good place to play acoustic music because they still had plenty of clubs. So I moved to Cambridge. I roomed with a Harvard student. I got an apartment the first day I got to town by going to Harvard housing, so I could get cheaper rates, $80 a month or something. I even went to some Harvard classes, just to sit in, because I enjoyed the performance of the professors. The teachers were always so theatrical at Harvard, intelligent show business people, that could keep your attention, and that I think, is the great advantage of Harvard. So I used to go for the show, no matter what subject it was. You could just drop in to a class and watch, it wouldn't matter if you went to the school. No one even asked. The show was good and you would learn something, but you wouldn't get any credit for it. I didn't need the credit

Ric Ocasek (1949 -)

Source: Negative Theatre 87

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A Quote by Ram Dass on heart, listening, and teachers

Be open to all teachers And all teachings, And listen with your heart.

Ram Dass

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A Quote by Pink Floyd on certainty, children, home, life, schools, teachers, weakness, and wives

When we grew up and went to school There were certain teachers who would Hurt the children anyway they could By pouring their derision Upon anything we did And exposing every weakness However carefully hidden by the kids But in the town it was well known When they got home at night, Their fat and psychopathic wives Would thrash them Within inches of their lives.

Pink Floyd

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A Quote by Phillips Brooks on christ, christianity, guidance, imperfection, intelligence, jesus, knowledge, soul, teachers, and understanding

What is the Christian? Everywhere the man who, so far as he comprehends Jesus Christ, so far as he can get any knowledge of Him, is His servant - the man who makes Christ a teacher of his intelligence and the guide of his soul - the man who obeys Christ as far as he has been able to understand him. . . . I would know any man as a Christian, would rejoice to know any man as a Christian, whom Jesus would recognize as a Christian; and Jesus Christ, I am sure, in these old days recognized His followers even if they came after Him with the blindest sight, with the most imperfect recognition and acknowledgment of what He was and of what He could do.

Phillips Brooks (1835 - 1893)

Source: The Law of Growth

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A Quote by Peter Cochrane on age, children, imagination, information, metaphor, schools, and teachers

Imagine a school with children that can read or write, but with teachers who cannot, and you have a metaphor of the Information Age in which we live.

Peter Cochrane

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A Quote by Aulus Persius Flaccus on hunger, inventions, and teachers

Hunger is the teacher of the arts and the bestower of invention. -Magister artis ingenique largitor Venter

Persius (34 - 62 AD)

Source: Prolog. line 10.

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A Quote by Patricia Neal on expectation and teachers

A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.

Patricia Neal (1926 -)

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A Quote by Norman H. Hansen on awards, garden, learning, nature, peace, reward, satisfaction, spirit, teachers, understanding, and path

Seek to understand what draws you to the garden. You may discover greater rewards than the blue ribbons awarded for the biggest pumpkin or the best preserves. You may find the garden becomes a teacher and crop "failures" become lessons learned. However big or small your garden is, if you allow nature to touch your spirit, gardening will bring returns of peace, satisfaction, and well-being for as long as you continue to wander the garden path.

Norman H. Hansen

Source: The Worth of Gardening

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A Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis on students and teachers

Teachers are those who use themselves as bridges, over which they invite their students to cross; then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.

Nikos Kazantzakis (1883 - 1957)

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A Quote by Nicholas Copernicus on astronomy, beginning, certainty, confusion, discovery, earth, facts, learning, machines, opportunity, reason, reflection, schools, teachers, time, traditions, understanding, universe, vision, and world

The Copernican vision of an earth in motion was not without its rudimentary precedents, as Copernicus himself recounts: "For a long time then, I reflected on this confusion in the astronomical traditions concerning the derivation of the motions of the universe's spheres. I began to be annoyed that the movements of the world machine, created for our sake by the best and most systematic Artisan of all, were not understood with greater certainty by the philosophers, who otherwise examined so precisely the most insignificant trifles of this world. For this reason I undertook the task of rereading the works of all the philosophers which I could obtain to learn whether anyone had ever proposed other motions of the universe's spheres than those expounded by the teachers of astronomy in the schools. And in fact I found in Cicero that Hicetas supposed the earth to move. Later I also discovered in Plutarch that certain others were of this opinion. . . . Therefore, having obtained the opportunity from these sources, I too began to consider the mobility of the earth."

Nicholas Copernicus (1473 - 1543)

Source: Letter to Pope Paul III: Preface to De Revolutionibus, 1543

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