A Quote by Charles Hampden-Turner on difference, good and evil, good, bad, opposites, and synthesis

"It is in vain that we search for an essential difference between good and evil, for their constituents are the same. The crucial distinction lies in their structure, i.e., the manner in which the pieces are assembled. Evil is disintegration, an angry juxtaposition of alienated opposites, with parts always striving to repress other parts. Good is the synthesis and reconciliation of these same pieces."

Charles Hampden-Turner

Source: Maps Of The Mind, p.29

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A Quote by Xia Neifion~Clark on temple, truthful, appropriate, communication, exchange, gene pool, spiritual tradition, true center, universality, synthesis, quest, equilibrium, neutralization, unification, and spirituality

It can be said that a Temple is most appropriate (i.e. Truthful) when considered as a center of communication and exchange between the gene pools of the various Spiritual Traditions.  A Temple which is anything other than a True Center (of Universality and Synthesis) - anything other than the Quest for equilibrium, neutralization, and/or unification of differences and discrepancies - only pretends a basis in Spirituality.

Xia Neifion~Clark

Source: The New Culture of Ouranos: The Plan, Pages: 74

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A Quote by Betty Sue on synthesis, science, spirituality, and leadership

What's emerging is a new synthesis of science, spirituality and leadership as different facets of a single way of being.

Betty Sue Flowers

Source: Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, Pages: 218

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A Quote by Konstantin Serebrov on synthesis, spiritual alchemy, higher self, and divine power

There is also another idea, to unite the dark and the light, so that they won't fight with each other, but that there would be the subtlest friendly balance. But in order to solve this cosmic binary, the interference of the third power, the Divine power is required.

Konstantin Serebrov

Source: The Techniques of Taoists, by Konstantin Serebrov

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