A Quote by Jeremy Clarkson on moey, education, government, suffering, fear, and race

Governments would rather spend their money on another bomber than education, and why do we fear black men when every bit of suffering in our lives has a Caucasian face attached to it?

Jeremy Clarkson

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A Quote by Kedar on tragedy, law, happiness, and suffering

The most fundamental law of tragedy is that the moments of greatest happiness are the hardest to attain.

Kedar Joshi

Source: Superultramodern Science and Philosophy

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A Quote by Domus Ulixes on love and suffering

Love doesn't conquer suffering, it just makes it useless.

Frederik Kerling

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, buddhism, stoicism, worldliness, maya, suffering, desire, and spirituality

The way of the Buddha involves a metaphysical stoicism, a way of overcoming the power that worldliness has over oneself: the world rules us through our suffering no less than through our desires and appetites and hopes; all of this is Maya, the universe of delusorily desirable and despicable goods. The primal insight of Buddha is not that the suffering of the world must first be mitigated but rather that we must learn to recognize that our DESIRES are no less a form of SUFFERING than are our AILMENTS. This is what qualifies Buddhism as an authentic form of spirituality, its transcendence over the finite and merely psychological domain.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, suffering, human nature, and self-delusion

So long as human nature remains viscerally resistant to enlightenment about its own slavish and self-stupefying necessities, there will ineluctably be suffering: truly, there is some suffering that is gratuitous (having no ground in our own karma or circles of obliquely willed actions upon ourselves), but in nature even the prey brings itself to the predator willingly but unwittingly. Even in the socially and economically and legally most utopian conditions, there will remain this irreducible self-obtuseness, self-evasiveness, self-irreality, in which men forever act as their own premier and unrecognized worst enemies, the obscure causes of their own self-suffering. And for the very same reasons that this suffering is uncomprehended for its true etiology, humans will also incurably continue to project blame onto others for their own self-injuries.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, pity, and suffering

"Poor suffering humanity" -- it is inescapably true -- suffers from nothing else so gravely as it does from its own myopic accommodations to suffering, and from its benighted characterological determination to foster even more profound and systematic suffering for itself. Of all suffering, the suffering caused by the tendency of most people to use their potential rationality, spirit, consciousness, etc. as if it were a blunt utilitarian or libidinal instrument (i.e. for purposes of banauseia or douleia), is the stupidest, the most needless, the most wasteful and obscene. But this suffering is only made worse, only confirmed in its self-pitying irrealities and self-unaccountability, by being pitied and forgiven and dismissed as all-too-natural, so "natural" that it is supposed to be beyond all moral or valuational criticism. The only solution or therapy for this perverse and profound self-suffering -- the suffering of one's own misapplied active-subjective powers as if they were conditions beyond one's control -- is truly even more acute suffering, from disillusioning the tribal myths that make the Many into a Many, and the self-darkening "faith" that keeps the theater of the modern Cave in business as a growth-industry. Responding to all the problems of human beings with indiscriminate pity (as Dostoevsky and Nietzsche saw) merely makes one into an enabler, a compliant servant in the opium den of the modern Maya.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by unknown on change and suffering

Not all who suffer profoundly change, but all who change have suffered profoundly.


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A Quote by unknown on suffering and transcendence

Some suffering is unavoidable, and gracefully embracing it can build a stronger awareness and provide wisdom... but other suffering is self-inflicted, and therefore avoidable. The simple idea that no one can truly hurt you unless you first give them permission, either via empowering their hurtful words or failing to recognize all of the other factors that influence their actions (your actual worthiness and value and person being the least of these influences, in reality).


Source: a letter from my roomie

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A Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel on depression and suffering

Sometimes, I get so consumed by depression that it is hard to believe that the whole world doesn't stop and suffer with me.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Source: Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America

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A Quote by Mr. on suffering, lesson, lesson learned, and learning


Suffering is meant to teach a lesson. Whether the lesson is meant for an individual, a group, a culture, a nation or a planet depends on the suffering. The nature of suffering is that it shall continue until the lesson is learned.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: "The Path"

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