A Quote by Elder Ephraim of Philotheou on god, purity, spirit, struggles, fire, nature, soul, enlightenment, light, knowledge, and spirituality

Humble yourselves.  Do not think highly and you will attain high things.  The more gold is tested in the fire, the purer it becomes.  And the Christian, the more he is tried by temptations, the more his soul is purified.  The more deeply the plow tills the earth, the more often we prune and carefully tend the vines, the more and the sweetest fruit we will receive.

Elder Ephraim

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar

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A Quote by Saint Maximos the Confessor on god, christianity, courage, humility, vices, hope, cleansing, victory, success, and struggles

It is said that God allows the demons to attack us for five reasons.  The first is that, through being attacked and fighting back, we should learn to distinguish virtue from sin.  The second is that having acquired virtue by struggle and labor we should keep it firm and unalterable.  The third, that progressing in virtue we should not think highly of ourselves but learn humility.  The fourth, that having experienced in practice the wickedness of sin we should hate it with perfect hatred.  Finally, the fifth and most important is that having been freed from the passions we should not forget our weakness and the strength of Him that helped us.

Saint Maximos the Confessor

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A Quote by Father Seraphim Rose on god, christianity, spirituality, humility, poverty, struggles, life, truth, freedom, and peace

"Don't worry too much about how spiritually poor you are_God sees that,but for you it is expected to trust in God and pray to Him as best you can,never to fall into despair and to struggle according to your strength.If you ever begin to think you are spiritually_"well off"_then you can know for sure that you aren't!True spiritual life,even on the most elementary level,is always accompanied by suffering and difficulties.Therefore you should rejoice in all your difficulties and sorrows."

Father Seraphim Rose

Seraphim Rose

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A Quote by Holy Elders of Optina on god, christianity, spirituality, enlightenment, trials, struggles, freedom, joy, and liberation

"At the beginning of the call to the spiritual life,the Lord visits a person with His grace and various consolations,but afterwards He withdraws them and casts him into the fire of diverse temptations and sorrows,so that our self-loving and glory-loving disposition would be commpletely reduced to ashes by the fire of temptation,and would not trust in itself and its works but in the mercy and love of God.Humility is a great blessing."

From Living without Hypocrisy: Spiritual Council from the  Elders of Optina

Elders Optina

Source: Living without Hypocrisy: Spiritual Council from the Elders of Optina

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A Quote by Buddha on happiness, sorrow, life, struggles, detachment, and buddhism

"Happiness or sorrow- whatever befalls you, walk on untouched, unattached."

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: The Dhammapada

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A Quote by Eduardo Arzate-Vazquez on love, life, and struggles

"Play as if it was your last game"

Eduardo Arzate-Vazquez

Source: Something my father told me before a game

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A Quote by Raphie on humanity, pain, struggles, and weakness

I am sorry if my own humanity and and pain and struggles to do the right thing are proof to you of something wrong or weak in me.

Raphie Frank

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A Quote by Thomas Moore on eternity, soul, despair, trials, struggles, and tribulations

The soul is partly in time and partly in eternity.  We might remember the part that resides in eternity when we feel despair over the part that is in life.

Thomas Moore (1779 - 1852)

Source: Care of the Soul : A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life, Pages: 96

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