A Quote by Neale Donald Walsch on structure, replace, broken, support, and dismantle

Do not dismantle the house, but look at each brick, and replace those which appear to be broken, which no longer support the structure.

Neale Donald Walsch

Source: Conversations with God

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A Quote by Barack Obama on obama, recovery, plan, structure, deficit, debt, and long-term

As soon as the recovery is well under way, we need to set up a long-term plan to reduce the structural deficit and make sure we are not leaving a mountain of debt for the next generation.

Barack Obama

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A Quote by Mr. on religion, structure, and worship

 Religion gives people a structure to build their lives and their worship around.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: "The Path"

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A Quote by Mandy Aftel on begin, aware, narrative, patterns, structure, life, revise, refine, and rewrite

As we begin to become aware of the narrative patterns
around which we structure our lives,
we learn how to take charge, revise, refine,
and even completely rewrite them.

Mandy Aftel

Source: The Story of Your Life : Becoming the Author of Your Experience

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A Quote by Andrew Cohen on evolution, development, spirituality, habits, structure, process, and human

The Process Is You

Evolutionary philosophy and evolutionary spirituality are based upon the recognition that we are part of a miraculous process that has existed and been developing for billions of years. It reveals to us that our own personal experience of that process in all its many dimensions—inner and outer, gross and subtle—is only a very small part of an infinite unfolding. Thoughts and feelings that arise in individual consciousness reflect emotional and psychological structures, or habits, that have slowly developed over tens of thousands of years.

Some people, when they hear the word process, interpret it as meaning something inhuman. But it's actually quite the opposite. I'm not referring to a process in a flat, mechanical, materialistic sense. This process is alive. And it's you. The process is you. Indeed, what is so important about this shift of perspective is that you begin to see your own sense of self as part of a vast unfolding stream of development. Your understanding of what it means to be human expands almost infinitely, because you start to see your own humanity and your own potential for greater humanity as a result of this process, and an inherent part of this process—and as far as we know, the highest expression of this process. In this way, evolutionary spirituality enhances and enlarges to almost infinite proportions your sense of the significance of what it means to be human.

Andrew Cohen

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A Quote by David Berlinski on logic, system, geometry, euclid, math, and structure

The world of shapes, lines, curves, and solids is as varied as the world of numbers, and it is only our long-satisfied possession of Euclidean geometry that offers us the impression, or the illusion, that it has, that world, already been encompassed in a manageable intellectual structure. The lineaments of that structure are well known: as in the rest of life, something is given and something is gotten; but the logic behind those lineaments is apt to pass unnoticed, and it is the logic that controls the system.

David Berlinski

Source: The Advent of the Algorithm: The 300-Year Journey from an Idea to the Computer, Pages: 31

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A Quote by Christopher Alexander on space, matter, life, structure, and arrangement

All space and matter, organic or inorganic, has some degree of life in it, and matter/space is more alive or less alive according to its structure and arrangement.

Christopher Alexander (1936 -)

Source: The Phenomenon of Life: The Nature of Order, Book 1, Pages: 4

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A Quote by Mitch on ideas, effectiveness, organization, structure, and roadblocks

Too often, effective ideas get rejected because they have to travel too far in an organization filled with fiefdoms and inevitable roadblocks.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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A Quote by Steven Silbiger on companies, structure, and organization

Amorphous: This is my personal favorite. The amorphous structure is no structure at all. It's the free bird. In these companies, highly motivated and productive managers create and dissolve reporting relationships as the task at hand requires. In these companies, the structure incrementally grows as events dictate.

Steven Silbiger

Source: The Ten-Day MBA 3rd Ed.: A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering The Skills Taught In America's Top Business Schools, Pages: 145

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