A Quote by Charles Ray on leadership, initiative, start, and finish

The only way to get finished is to get started.

Charles Ray

Source: Things I Learned from My Grandmother About Leadership and Life (How to Light a Fire Under People Without Burning Them Out)

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A Quote by Mr. on truth, path, seek, ego, journey, start, and mr prophet

If you seek the path to the truth, leave your ego at the start of your journey.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: "The Path"

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A Quote by dani on change, understand, open, start, deeper, universal, perspective, wisdom, and curiousity

You can’t understand, change, or improve something if you don’t even see it.

Start with looking.  Open! Open! Open!

Then tilt your head and look again.  Deeper…

Look from every angle.  Don’t let one view satisfy your curiosity.

There is a beautiful wisdom found in seeing from a universal point of view.

Danielle Marie Crume


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A Quote by Maricruz Alvarez on life, start, and finish

"Just like everything we start in life all we have to do is finish to be ahead!"

Maricruz Alvarez

Source: poem written in 1991 by me

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A Quote by Sri Chinmoy on start, encouragement, inspiration, and goal

You do not have to be       
The fastest starter.     
Just be a starter!     
You will, without fail,     
Reach your destination-sun.

Sri Chinmoy

Source: Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, by Sri Chinmoy

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A Quote by Elizabeth Berg on rain, driving, stopped, miracle, start, and line

I remember once when we were moving, driving across country, and it was raining so hard, the windshield wipers going fast and squeaking, and then: nothing.  It stopped.  I looked out the window ahead of me and it was clear.  I looked out the back and there was the rain, still going.  Nobody said anything, but there it was, a near miracle, a rain line, a way of seeing just where something starts, when usually you are just in the middle of it before you notice it.  That's how it feels to me now, to not want to be like (that) anymore.  I see the line.

Elizabeth Berg

Source: True to Form : A Novel

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A Quote by unknown on start and motivation

Every day starts today!


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