A Quote by e. e. cummings on spring, spontaneity, philosophy, science, religion, beauty, life, death, and lovers

O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

     fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded

     beauty     .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and

buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death thy

     thou answerest

them only with


e.e. cummings (1894 - 1962)

Source: E.E. Cummings: Complete Poems 1904-1962, Pages: 58

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A Quote by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh on virtue, spontaneity, natural, vision, awareness, and understanding

Virtue is virtue only when it is spontaneous; virtue is virtue only when it is natural, unpractised -- when it comes out of your vision, out of your awareness, out of your understanding.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Source: The Art of Dying, Chapter 9

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A Quote by Henry Miller on darkness, experience, growth, and spontaneity

All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.

Henry Miller (1891 - 1980)

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A Quote by William Wordsworth on emotion, feeling, poetry, spontaneity, and tranquility

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

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A Quote by William James on bravery, cheerfulness, courage, fear, feeling, losing, spontaneity, and path

The voluntary path to cheerfulness, if our spontaneous cheerfulness be lost, is to sit up cheerfully. and act and speak as if cheerfulness were already there. To feel brave,act as if we were brave, use all our will to that end, and courage will very likely replace fear. If we act as if from some better feeling, the bad feeling soon fold its tent like an Arab and silently steals away.

William James (1842 - 1910)

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A Quote by William Butler Yeats on contentment, difficulty, heart, joy, and spontaneity

The fascination of what's difficult Has dried the sap out of my veins, and rent Spontaneous joy and natural content Out of my heart.

William Butler Yeats (1865 - 1939)

Source: The Green Helmet and Other Poems, 1910. The Fascination of What's Difficult

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A Quote by Steven Wright on spontaneity

Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.

Steven Wright (1955 -)

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A Quote by Richard Milhouse Nixon on planning, spontaneity, and war

A riot is a spontaneous outburst. A war is subject to advance planning.

Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994)

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A Quote by Reggie Leach on spontaneity and success

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

Reggie Leach

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