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A Quote by Don Edward Beck, Ph.D. on don beck, integral, and spiral dynamics

It’s not that we need to form new organizations. It's simply that we have  to awaken to new ways of thinking. I believe it makes no sense to spend a lot of time attacking the current realities. It is time to create the new models that have in them the complexity that makes the older systems obsolete. And  to the extent that we can do that, and do that quickly, I think we can provide what will be necessary for a major breakthrough for the future.

Don Beck

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A Quote by Jean Gebser on development, progress, and spiral dynamics

We must recognize that the attempt to set forth the temporal course commonly referred to as the "evolution of mankind" is merely an attempt to structure events for convenient accessibility. Consequently, we must exclude from our discussion as far as possible such misleading notions as "development" and "progress."

Jean Gebser

Source: Ever Present Origin: Part One: Foundations Of The Aperspectival World (Englis Series, No 1), Pages: 37

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A Quote by Don Edward Beck, Ph.D. on spiral dynamics, rain, and arks

No more prizes for predicting the rain, only prizes for building the arks

Don Beck

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on subpersonality, spiral dynamics, and memes

(Subpersonalities can exist at different levels or memes, however, so that one can indeed have a purple subpersonality, a blue subpersonality, and so on. These often are context-triggered, so that one can have quite different types of moral responses, affects, needs, etc., in different situations.)

Ken Wilber

Source: A Theory of Everything : An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality, Pages: 149

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