A Quote by Wayne Dyer on family, jobs, life, and society

"Life Diamond". . . Job. Family. Society. Sense of Self...

Wayne Dyer

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A Quote by Dr. Michael W. Fox on animals, crime, judgment, nature, needs, society, and violence

An act of violence against nature should be judged as severely as that against society or another person. The turning over of a stone, the unnecessary felling of a tree, or the slaughter of an animal is a crime to be weighed in judgment against the wants and needs of the person and the values of his society.

Dr. Michael W. Fox (1937 -)

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A Quote by Douglas Noel Adams on extremism, health, personality, personality, society, speech, thought, words, and writing

Many words and expressions which only a matter of decades ago were considered so distastefully explicit that, were they merely to be breathed in public, the perpetrator would be shunned, barred from polite society, and in extreme cases shot through the lungs, are now thought to be very healthy and proper, and their use in everyday speech and writing is evidence of a well-adjusted, relaxed and totally un****ed-up personality.

Douglas Noel Adams (1952 - 2001)

Source: Life, the Universe and Everything, 1982

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A Quote by Dorothy Parker on challenge, society, and speech

Speech to American Horticultural Society; when challenged to use horticulture in a sentence: You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think.

Dorothy Parker (1893 - 1967)

Source: You Might as Well Live.

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A Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer on children, morality, and society

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 - 1945)

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A Quote by David S. Slawson on culture, majorities, names, order, people, perception, and society

Names are an important key to what a society values. Anthropologists recognize naming as 'one of the chief methods for imposing order on perception.' What is not named in a culture very likely goes unnoticed by the majority of its people. The converse is also true: people pay greater attention to things that been given names.

David S. Slawson

Source: Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens, 1987

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A Quote by Dalai Lama on crisis, emotion, fighting, impatience, patience, society, solution, technology, and time

One of the expressions of Western over-reliance on technology can be seen in the lack of patience in industrial society. When you deal with technology, everything happens at the touch of a button. This conditions you to become so impatient that when you have an emotional or personal crisis, you don't allow time for the solution to take effect. This leads to all sorts of rash responses, like quarrels, fights and so on.

Dalai Lama

Source: Tibetan Lamaism. Regarded as vice-regent of the Buddha & the reincarnation of the previous Lama.

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A Quote by Cyril Parkinson on boredom and society

The chief product of an automated society is a widespread and deepening sense of boredom.

Cyril Parkinson

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A Quote by Claude Frédéric Bastiat on dependence, independence, and society

The sort of dependence that results from exchange, i.e., from commercial transactions, is a reciprocal dependence. We cannot be dependent upon a foreigner without his being dependent on us. Now, this is what constitutes the very essence of society. To sever natural interrelations is not to make oneself independent, but to isolate oneself completely.

Claude Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

Source: The Law, 1850

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A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero on faith, force, men, necessity, and society

Nothing so cements and holds together all the parts of a society as faith or credit, which can never be kept up unless men are under some force or necessity of honestly paying what they owe to one another.

Cicero (106 - 43 BC)

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