A Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca on men, mind, nature, people, rudeness, slavery, value, and work

We are so vain as to set the highest value upon those things to which nature has assigned the lowest place. What can be more coarse and rude in the mind than the precious metals, or more slavish and dirty than the people that dig and work them? And yet they defile our minds more than our bodies, and make the possessor fouler than the artificer of them. Rich men, in fine, are only the greater slaves.

Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD)

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A Quote by Samuel Eliot Morison on america, bitterness, colors, problems, slavery, solution, and yielding

The freedmen were not really free in 1865, nor are most of their descendants really f ree in 1965. Slavery was but one aspect of a race and color problem that is still far from solution here, or anywhere. In America particularly, the grapes of wrath have not yet yielded all their bitter vintage.

Samuel Eliot Morison (1887 - 1976)

Source: The Oxford History of the American People, 1965, ch. 33

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A Quote by Samuel Adams on belief, people, and slavery

I believe that no people ever yet groaned under the heavy yoke of slavery but when they deserved it.

Samuel Adams (1722 - 1803)

Source: Article published in 1771.

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A Quote by Salmon P. Chase on slavery


No more slave States; no slave Territories.

Salmon P. Chase (1808 - 1873)

Source: Platform of the Free Soil National Convention, 1848.

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A Quote by Russell C. Leffingwell on age, children, community, democracy, destruction, effort, freedom, honesty, hope, individuality, men, privacy, profit, risk, and slavery

There can be no freedom of the individual, no democracy, without the capital system, the profit system, the private enterprise system. These are, in the end, inseparable. Those who would destroy freedom have only first to destroy the hope of gain, the profit of enterprise and risk-taking, the hope of accumulating capital, the hope to save something for one's old age and for one's children. For a community of men without property, and without the hope of getting it by honest effort, is a community of slaves of a despotic State.

Russell C. Leffingwell

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A Quote by Rupert Brooke on passion, rules, and slavery

The worst of slaves is he whom passion rules.

Rupert Brooke (1887 - 1915)

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A Quote by Robert Treat Paine, Jr. on earth, plants, slavery, and sons

And ne'er shall the sons of Columbia be slaves, While the earth bears a plant or the sea rolls its waves.

Robert Treat Paine (177 - 1811)

Source: Adams and Liberty.

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A Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll on ignorance and slavery

There is no slavery but ignorance.

Robert Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)

Source: The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child, 1877

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A Quote by Robert E. Lee on men, slavery, war, and wishes

There is a terrible war coming, and these young men who have never seen war cannot wait for it to happen, but I tell you, I wish that I owned every slave in the South, for I would free them all to avoid this war.

Robert E. Lee (1807 - 1870)

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A Quote by Robert C. Winthrop on dignity, education, ignorance, justice, safety, slavery, and welfare

Slavery is but half abolished, emancipation is but half completed, while millions of freemen with votes in their hands are left without education. Justice to them, the welfare of the States in which they live, the safety of the whole Republic, the dignity of the elective franchise, - all alike demand that the still remaining bonds of ignorance shall be unloosed and broken, and the minds as well as the bodies of the emancipated go free.

Robert C. Winthrop (1809 - 1894)

Source: Yorktown Oration in 1881.

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