A Quote by Franklin Pierce Adams on change, country, day, fate, heart, poverty, and slavery

The rich man has his motorcar, His country and his town estate, He smokes a fifty-cent cigar And jeers at Fate. He frivols through the livelong day, He knows not Poverty, her pinch. His lot seems light, his heart seems gay; He has a cinch. Yet though my lamp burns low and dim, Though I must slave for livelihood- Think you that I would change with him? You bet I would!

Franklin Pierce Adams (1881 - 1960)

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A Quote by Francis Hargrave on purity and slavery

A soil whose air is deemed too pure for slaves to breathe in. [England.]

Francis Hargrave (1741? - 1821)

Source: a law case argument

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A Quote by Euripides on slavery


Who dares not speak his free thoughts is a slave.

Euripides (c. 485 - 406 BC)

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A Quote by Epicurus on belief, fate, god, kindness, slavery, and thought

A strict belief in fate is the worst kind of slavery; on the other hand, there is comfort in the thought that God will be moved by our prayers.

Epicurus (c. 341 - c. 270 BC)

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A Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton on history, slavery, and women

The prolonged slavery of women is the darkest page in human history.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 - 1902)

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A Quote by Charles Edwin Markham on divinity, individuality, liberty, paradox, security, and slavery

By a divine paradox, wherever there is one slave there are two. So in the wonderful reciprocities of being, we can never reach the higher levels until all our fellows ascend with us. There is no true liberty for the individual except as he finds it in the liberty of all. There is no true security for the individual except as he finds it in the security of all.

Edwin Markham (1852 - 1940)

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A Quote by E. R. (Eric Rucker) Eddison on fear, slavery, and world

He that feareth is a slave, were he never so rich, were he never so powerful. But he that is without fear is king of all the world.

E. R. Eddison (1882 - 1945)

Source: The Worm Ouroboros

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A Quote by David Garrick on corruption and slavery

Corrupted freemen are the worst of slaves.

David Garrick (1716 - 1779)

Source: Prologue to the Gamesters.

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A Quote by Claude Adrien Helvetius on books, certainty, insults, nations, reading, and slavery

To limit the press is to insult a nation; to prohibit reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves.

Claude Adrien Helvetius (1715 - 1771)

Source: De L'Homme, Vol. 1, sec. 4.

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A Quote by William Clark Gable on arrogance, dreams, patriotism, slavery, victory, war, winning, and words

Disagreeing with the fervent patriotism of the Confederates: "I think it's hard winning a war with words, gentlemen. . . . I'm saying very plainly that the Yankees are better equipped than we. . . . All we've got is cotton and slaves, and arrogance." "I seem to be spoiling everybody's brandy and cigars and dreams of victory."

Clark Gable (1901 - 1960)

Source: As Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind, 1939 — based on Margaret Mitchell's novel

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